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Saturday Spankings

charlotte-and-the-pirate_romBk2Welcome once again to Saturday Spankings! If you’ve been hopping around, you pretty much know what to expect…or do you? There are so many diverse offerings, you might find your eyes growing wide.

Here’s my Saturday Spankings entry. This comes from my new release, Charlotte & the Pirate. It’s a M/F, erotic, sci-fi, time travel, spanking romance. Oh, and it has pirates, too, both the good kind and the evil kind.

In this segment, Charlotte is getting her first spanking from Captain Rex Masters of the Stealthy Dog. Charlotte has been naughty, as you might have guessed.

“Let me go!”

He did not. Instead, he smacked her behind with the flat of his hand. Even through her shift, it hurt like the dickens. “Ow! Stop that!” She beat on his leg with a fist, but her position was so unstable, all she managed to do was give him a love pat.

Over and over he spanked her bottom until she was shouting and begging, making promises she had no intention of keeping. …. “No more backtalk, Charlotte. This will be your fate every time you do.”

Arrr, Matey, where do ya think this’ll lead? Will Charlotte be a better wench? Or will this be happenin’ again?
For more Charlotte & the Pirate, you can pick up your very own copy – you don’t want to pirate it – from: Blushing Books (all formats), and Amazon.UK.

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  1. A pirate who spanks is always yummy!! Great snippet.

  2. Who doesn’t love a good pirate spanking?? Sounds like a winner!!

  3. Like the others, I do love that she makes promises she has no intention of keeping. Wouldn’t anyone?

  4. I wonder, does she keep her fingers crossed while she’s making those promises. 🙂

  5. I love that! Promises she had no intentions of keeping 🙂

  6. She already said she had no intentions of keeping her promises – I’m sure we’ll see more of this.

  7. I love that she makes promises she had no intention of keeping.

  8. Great scene, Trish, and I’m with Jenna. I suspect there will be several repeats because I don’t believe Charlotte is a biddable woman.

  9. Somehow I believe there will be repeat performances of this scene. LOL Once naughty, often naughty. 🙂 Sounds like a swashbuckling good time, Trish!

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