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cinco de mayo 19398609_sI was born and raised in Los Angeles, home to about 2.5 million Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. Spanish is a primary language of the area, and secondary language to otherwise English speakers.

One of the big festivals in Los Angeles, as well as in other American cities with large Mexican populations, and Mexico itself, is Cinco de Mayo (which literally means “5th of May”). For Americans, the day commemorates the heavy Mexican influence in the west, by highlighting Mexican heritage and customs. It is incorrect to say that it celebrates Mexican Independence Day, as that happens in September.

In Los Angeles, there is a huge celebration on Olvera Street, the Mexican/Latino showcase street in the Plaza District (an historic landmark area). People can go to listen to traditional Mexican music, see colorful dancing, and even smack a piñata or two. Trinkets hecho en Mexico (“made in Mexico”) are abundant, and the food is fantastic.

If you ever get out to the southwestern United States or to Mexico around May 5, celebrate Cinco de Mayo with the locals. You’ll have a great time at the party and take some wonderful memories (photos, souvenirs, tequila, etc.) home.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!



  1. Our old neighbors always had a huge Cinco de Mayo party on their back porch.
    It was awesome!
    Ten un buen dia! 🙂

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