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Saturday Spankings

Welcome to my little corner of Saturday Spankings! My next book will be released in about two weeks, but I want to give you a little taste of it now. Next week, I’ll get back to Charlotte & the Pirate for one last hurrah. Like Charlotte & the Pirate, the next book is a Romantek novel. This one is called Eddie, My Love and is a M/F sci-fi, time travel, erotic, spanking romance, set in 1950 Los Angeles. Being an Angelean myself, I had a lot of fun researching 1950 in my hometown (that was before I was born).

cover: eddie my loveIn this segment, Eddie and June are at The Brown Derby having a cocktail. Before they can tuck in, though, June, wide-eyed and enjoying 1950, is flirting with all the good-looking Hollywood actors she sees. Eddie isn’t so thrilled with it.

“A gal could get herself in serious trouble the way you’re going, June.”

This was a dream. What kind of trouble could she get into? “Don’t threaten me.”

“Look at one more Joe the way you just did and I’ll take you over my knee to teach you some manners.”

She shot him an icy look. “You wouldn’t dare.”

Does he dare? What do you think?

A blurb and extended excerpt are available.

Only seven sentences from me this week. I have one held in reserve. Yeah…reserve sounds good.

Enjoy your Saturday Spankings!

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  1. I says He would dare just as you Dared to tease us all so meanly I think we need to send Miss Green to the corner this was not nice we needed more lol lol looking forward to this book I am sure it is as Great as all your books are

    • Thanks so much, Angel. Your comments are very much appreciated. 🙂 You’ll pardon me if I don’t mention your decision that I should stand in the corner to my husband. I get in enough trouble as it is!

  2. tarafinneganromance

    LOL, sounds like she is issuing a challenge to me. One a spanko man couldn’t resist!

  3. I’m looking forward to this one. I think it’s the first romantek ‘destination’ that I’d actually fancy myself. The Wild West and the Pirate ship locations seemed like too much hard work for a holiday, Even with the spankings.

  4. Love it and love books set in days gone by. Oh, and yes, he would dare.

  5. I kind of think he DOES dare!! 🙂 Pre-congrats on your new release?

  6. I was hoping your excerpt would be from this book! I think he does dare! 😉

  7. “You wouldn’t dare!” the most dangerous challenge a spanko can make!

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