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group partnerships 13058558_sD: Domestic Partnerships

You know, not all marriages are legal. Some of them are purely religious or go counter to the laws that say that a marriage is a party of two.

What I want to talk about today are Domestic Partnerships. These are “marriages” that exist outside the law. In the US, Canada and most European countries, it’s bigamy to marry more than one person. This is “to protect women’s rights and independence.” But what happens if a man wants to take two (or more) wives (polygyny), or a woman wants to take two husbands (polyandry), or a group of adults all consider themselves a married family (polygamy)? Currently, there is no law to support these people, no matter their reasoning.

However, they can legally enter into a partnership, like a business. They can then share all their assets and debts and have the rights and privileges of any business. If they each sign a power of attorney, they can also do things like visit sick members in the hospital as “next of kin” and conduct legal activities on each others’ behalf, including holding shared credit accounts.

There is always a way to get around the law but, it might be that due to gay rights legislation, there is a precedent for configuring marriages to include plural marriage. If a marriage can be made up of persons other than two heterosexuals, why not multiple partners? It might be ten years down the road, but there’s hope.

In my upcoming book, Master of Two, I focus on a M/f/f partnership. And Rayanna Jamison has a wonderful sweet polygyny book out that is wowing spanking romance enthusiasts — Bride Two Soon.

How do you feel about polygamy in its many forms? Is it something you would embark upon? Or what if one of your children wanted to live that way?

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  1. Kathy Heare Watts

    How do you feel about polygamy in its many forms? Is it something you would embark upon? Or what if one of your children wanted to live that way?

    Wow, you did open a “can of worms” with this one. I am becoming more “open minded” than I was say even 10 years ago. I have read several stories along those lines and have decided, why not? My daughter and son in law have an employee who recently went to NY so he could marry his lover. Not legal in TN as a marriage, I guess maybe as a civil union. Would I live this way, probably not, I’ve been married 38 years to the same man. (but one can fantasize can’t they?!!!) What about my children, 2 on in very happy marriages but the oldest one, I never know what to expect, I’ve tried to support her decisions and just love her and her two children.

    I read Second Chances by D. L. Roan, and absolutely feel in love with the story! One woman, and three men! (sigh) who are brothers and it was awesome. Legally she was only married to one, but all three men claimed her. The children referred to each man as Daddy Matt, Daddy Mason and Daddy Grey. If you haven’t read this story, right now it is only 99¢

  2. I don’t think I could handle living that way but I have no problem if other do. If one of my children did I would just want to make sure it was a good solid relationship just the same I would if they had one partner.

  3. Hmm, I say what ever make you all happy, go for it. For myself, If another woman got into my husbands bed, she’d be lucky to get out with her hair intact. Just sayin’ lol

  4. I have no problem with any adult marrying who wants to marry. My son recently married his long term boyfriend. I’m so happy for them. There are many different kind of marriages.

  5. I am kind of high maintenance, and in need of a lot of attention. 🙂 So I probably would not be able to share my spouse. But I’m ok with consenting adults doing what makes them happy.
    LOL, my 2nd grader has informed me that she and her bff are planning on marrying the same boy from their class.
    I guess they are already planning the movement 🙂

  6. Interesting topic and question. I would have real trouble sharing a house and knowing my “husband” was down the hall with another woman. That being said, I can see the appeal of a poly relationship. A friend was in a poly relationship and I could see how it worked for him because, well, he just wasn’t very open and fun loving, but he had other endearing qualities. So if the other man (this was m/m/f) had those qualities, then I’d say the woman was pretty lucky.

  7. Hmm, difficult subject. M/F/F relationship may be any guys dream, but how would I feel about M/M/F huh? Talk about fairness and hypocrisy, van Meegeren! I think in general live and let live. If people are happy together or threegether let them. I know a woman who lives with two other girls in a lesbian three way relationship. And that seems to work out just fine. Good for them.

    I think it is difficult. You know jealousy would creep in sooner or later. As a fantasy fine, sure I have fantasies of being rich and adored by beautiful girls. Ha. Lots of them! But be serious Han, I think all those who try such a relationship deserve my respect because society is not kind to people who live a different life.

  8. I believe anything a couple or three agree on and as long as they are not injuring anyone they have a right to do so. As long as it is consensual it’s nobody’s business. This goes for my children.

  9. I can;t even find one person that I would want to spend the rest of my life with, yet. Finding a whole bunch of them sounds like a tall order. I would have no problem with my daughter being in a polygamous relationship if that is what she wanted to do.

  10. Thanks for the shoutout! I think we are heading that way too. i feel about polygamy the same way I feel about homosexuality. Not for me, but they have the right to do as they please, as long as they aren’t hurting anyone, and I am very happy with the recent over turn of Utah’s anti polygamy law. That being said, i wrote my book based around a polygamous sect that i have a lot of respect for, but I don’t want people to think there isn’t a dark side to polygamy. There are a lot of scary things going on within a different sect, and polygamy is almost a dirty word where I live because people blame the polygamous culture for the other laws and basic human rights that are being broken. But all of those crimes and bad things exist within a monogamous culture as well, but it can be easy to forget that, i suppose and to parallel polygamy with the child brides and abuse and rape, but as i said these things are not mutually exclusive. Also, simply because this is a pet peeve of mine, Modern day LDS (Mormons) do not practice polygamy.

  11. My daughter and I were actually talking about this a few days ago. We were talking about Mormons and polygamy (we were actually discussing the musical The Book of Mormon) and both of us came to the conclusion that that particular lifestyle wasn’t for us, but if it involved consenting adults there was nothing wrong with it. This is a great series, Trish!

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