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moon field 12040444_sM: Moon

Did you realize that there’s a full moon tonight? I was looking at the calendar as I formulated these alphabet posts, and saw that we’re going to get a shiner. I am a real moon-worshiper. I love to see moonrise at night (during the day it’s awesome, too) and I feel more centered when there’s a visible moon in the sky. But then, I was born in July, which makes me a “moon child.”

My favorite moon is a “harvest moon,” which we tend to have in the summer here. The moon is big and orange, glowing, and peaceful. Imagine the world without our little satellite. It would be a dark and lackluster place.

Are you a sun worshiper, or a moon worshiper, or neither?

Remember: One person who answers each day’s question in a comment for that day’s post will win a $26 Blushing Books gift certificate. You have to comment on all 26 posts to be eligible to win, but I’ve asked easy questions at the end of each short post, so it shouldn’t be onerous. If you’ve missed the previous posts, do a search on “Alphabet Challenge” in the search box at the bottom right of the site. All the posts will be listed for you and you can go back and participate.

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  1. LOL! I’ve never given it much thought, coming from a rainy wet place where seeing either wasn’t a daily occurrence. But I think, having moved to a very sunny place, I’m becoming a sun worshiper

  2. I like the moon, it’s so romantic. Today is Friday the 13th with a full moon. Enjoy it, savor it because the next Friday the 13th with a full moon will be in August, 2049.

  3. Really neither but having worked years ago in a nursing home and now working in child care I will say that the moon does effect behavior in both of these groups. Couldn’t figure out what was wrong today and now I know. Somehow missed a full moon was coming.

  4. Definitely a moon girl myself. I avoid the sun.

  5. Kathy Heare Watts

    I’m hoping to see the full moon, but it seems we always have overcast skies on these meterological events.

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