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Smiling BabyO: Ovaries

When I think of ovaries, I think of what they’re for: babies. I had two babies (twins) and a lot of my friends have children, too. But the bearing of babies is quite the trope in romance books. They are often a sine qua non that spells out the completion of the romance circle, the couple starting a new life together. I’ve used it myself a few times.

How do you feel about this tried and true signal of a happily ever after ending? Does it seem cliché by now? Does it make you uncomfortable?

Some people feel that spanking a pregnant woman might be dangerous, and it sets their teeth on edge to read about it in books. Is that how you feel? For me, it depends on how far along she is, the position in which the spanking is engineered, and the history of the woman and her pregnancy. So many factors need to go into a story when it’s going to include a baby.

So tell me what you think of babies in spanking fiction.

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  1. I love babies! I love at least a pregnancy by the end of the book for a great HEA.Spanking a pregnant woman doesn’t bother me, if it is not overdone, and its obvious the condition is taken into consideration. Also, it’s fiction people 🙂

  2. I don’t mind babies in spanking fiction – a lot of my books end with either an engagement or a pregnancy! Or even one in the house and another on the way. I normally don’t use it during the book though as my focus is to keep it sexy and spanky and I don’t want to spank a pregnant lady!!

  3. Kathy Heare Watts

    Actaully, I think “family” in a book is good and real. I have no problem with babies, and don’t think they hurt the story. Let’s face it, in the historical or westerns, there wasn’t birth control so babies were normal part of it.

  4. I don’t have a spanking relationship in real life but I’ve had 6 full term births with 5 living children and until the last one I don’t think spanking would be an issue if you took care. It doesn’t bother me to read it a story either. I kind of like couples with kids but you realize that ordinary people in spanking relationships have families and have to figure out how to make it all work for everyone.

  5. I think babies enhance the story. I notice that most of those stories take place in the 1800 era and the men usually consult the doctor about how to safely spank pregnant wives or girlfriends. Usually these stories have a HEA.

  6. I love babies! I think they complete a relationship. How can a spanking hurt a pregnant woman(aside from the obvious, lol)? As long as you are healthy, the baby is well protected.

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