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In 1993, I started writing short stories about a M/f/f BDSM triad: Renee, Amiko and Kevin. They had wild adventures, but because I was in a conservative job and they were erotic BDSM stories, I couldn’t publish. (That was well before indie publishing was prevalent and Blushing Books didn’t exist.) I wrote more than a dozen of these stories, which all went into a file folder and into my filing cabinet where they languished.

Recently, I met Karin Ito. As we became friends, I felt comfortable introducing her to Renee, Amiko and Kevin, whom she knew from our mutual journey through the BDSM scene community. Yes, they are real people, but Karin and I snazzied them up a bit and made them a bit more adventuresome.

Master of TwoThe first short story from Karin and me, is called “Renee: His Good Girl.” It’s a companion to the novel, Master of Two now available from Blushing Books (released just last night!). If you’d like to read an adventure story with intense BDSM, realistic characters, deep romance, and erotic content, consider picking up a copy of Master of Two. An excerpt is here.

renee - Master of TwoRenee: His Good Girl” is free on my site, and three more short stories about Renee, Amiko, Kevin and their thorn-in-the-side companion, Ross Adler, will be published free on my site over the course of the next three quarters. I hope you enjoy them. If you wish, you can leave a comment for me or Karin on any BDSM page.

“Renee: His Good Girl, Part 1 (of 2).”