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woman lollipop 6601868_sIn my writing, good girl spankings are virtually always erotic spankings. That’s what I think is fun, personally, and so that’s what I convey to my readers. After all, if you’re being good, you ought to get the best possible spanking outcome.

Some people might differ with my methods, and look at good girl spankings as spankings that are all about catharsis, something one needs and requests of one’s partner. I think there’s a place for that in spanking novels, too. It does happen in real life, and even though the book is fiction doesn’t mean real life can’t be portrayed in it.

I have many friends who are very happy with their good girl spankings of all sorts. I think that’s one of the marks of a true spanko. (There’s room for everybody under the tent, so don’t run away.)

When I think of good girl spankings, they are almost always with a hand or a belt. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a “good girl caning,” for example, or a “good girl tawsing.” I suppose one could happen, but it seems unlikely. In my book, Deuce’s Dancer, my heroine really loves getting spanked. Good girl spankings are just part of her psyche. So where does the fun stop and the real punishment begin?

What do you think of when I say, “good girl spanking”? How extreme is that to you? How extreme is believable in fiction? I know everyone is different, and all of that, but what do you think?

Thank you for joining me here today!


  1. I replied but I think it got eaten. :-p

    Basically I said that I think it really depends on the person.

    For me a flogging is nasty gross hideous, but a light fast switching can be erotic. My fave is hand on ass. MMM. *grin*

  2. I think it really depends on the person. For me a flogging would never be enjoyable (hubby still thinks we could change this but my experiences thus far have not been), but I know other people who find them utterly erotic. I used to think a belt could never be pleasant, but sometimes I am so craving a bite and that gives me what I need. A switch/cane is USUALLY the worst implement for me, but if it’s light and fast *we have this plastic knitting needle and if he has two of those and it is going light and fast with both* it can be very erotic and allow me to release. 🙂

    I need there to be a decent level of pain in my spankings or it’s not enjoyable for me… but too much and we’ve move onto discipline. :-p Im not a great person to ask though because we are still figuring out where we fall on a lot of this stuff. Hubby told me 2 days ago he feels like I call all the shots and that isn’t what we are going for. I dont mind sometimes, but overall I do want to be able to surrender a bit so it really can be a release. 🙂

    • There is a saying in the BDSM community, “The submissive really has the whole power.” For me, that’s anathema. I don’t want to have the whole power. Part of what’s appealing to me is that power exchange, leaving me powerless. I can feel your desire for less control, and I take it that your HoH wants more control from his perspective, too. You’ll find a way so long as you’re flexible and communicate, communicate, communicate. Thank you for commenting!

  3. All my spanking knowledge comes from the books I’ve read, primarily yours, Trish. So I’ve read about your good girl spankings and have to say it seems like another form of foreplay that gets the couple excited (I may be wrong in that, but that’s the way it reads to me) and ready for the main event. 🙂 But all the spankings you’ve depicted in your works–good girl and punishment–do seem to be real for people in a DD relationship.

    • I come into contact with a lot of spankos of all different experience. To some, a spanking is only punishment, but I think more of them look to spankings as a catharsis, which might be the purpose of a good girl spanking, even more than for erotic play. It’s interesting to explore all the different aspects of spanking. Thank you for visiting!

  4. lol There just aren’t enough good girl tawsings.

  5. I love Good girl spankings IRL and in fiction for the different reasons you mentioned above.
    For me, it’s about the emotions.
    And since I have a much higher pain tolerance, I can take a lot more than someone with less tolerance.

    And because I would be in the right mindset, I would happily go longer and harder, with implements that warm me up, but don’t cause so much pain that they freak me out.

    I have a few friends who don’t like the hairbrush and wooden and lexan paddles.

    Those might not be the best implement of choice for them for GGS.

    Whereas for me, I long for more intensity.

    a belt would not be considered as enjoyable for me anymore.

    Ok, I am not sure if I made any sense in my babbling.

    I am still pre-coffee, but am going to remedy that now.

    Loved Deuce and Pilar, btw!
    She was the second character I really connected with in spanking fiction.


    • Thanks for sharing a bit of your personal journey, Katherine, and even pre-coffee. Now that’s real friendship! I’m glad you enjoyed Deuce and Pilar. They have their trials and tribulations, but ultimately, they’re a very strong couple.

  6. I’ve never read in your stories where the woman didn’t have a choice to opt out. Nor have I read where the man came at her in a violent manner. It was a level of eroticism for the couple. I believe if the reader has any past issues with abuse in their lives, they may always see spanking as abuse. To me, caning is abuse. I’ve never heard of the other thing you mentioned. I love your stories so keep writing. 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Cora. I do try to give my ladies an opt-out choice. They all have the moral strength to accept their punishments — maybe not with good grace, but at lease with acceptance and a certain amount of willingness to improve.

  7. Good girl spankings are erotic spankings to me and I agree in my mind, I can’t see a good girl caning 😉

    • Because they’re so intimate and often erotic, something more hands-on than a cane just seems more appropriate for a GG spanking. A belt is at least warm from the HoH’s body, a hairbrush is close up and personal, too. Thanks for commenting, Natasha.

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