Saturday Spankings – Kiki Wheedles

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Saturday Spankings

Cover: Kiki's MillionaireHere we are at Saturday Spankings together. So what are you wearing? What’s your sign? Do you come here often? I’m here all the time.

Enough flirtation. Let’s get to the good parts.

This week, I’m sharing an excerpt from Kiki’s Millionaire, my very first all spanking, all the time, spanking romance. It was published first as a serial on Bethany’s Woodshed, and then published to the great wide world by Blushing books.

In this segment, Kiki has faked being sick because she’s avoiding Jim. Rather than telling him she needs a little time, she makes up a very elaborate lie. Jim is not the kind of guy who likes being lied to, and this is one of those cases when saying “I’m sorry” isn’t good enough.

“I think a little corporal punishment is in order.” He unbuckled his belt and slid it from the loops.

Feeling a sense of guilt mixed with an annoying tingle of anticipation down in her nether regions she thought about trying to talk him out of it. “Now, Jim…”

With a firm yank on her upper arms, he soon had her over his knees. Suddenly, this seemed entirely too familiar. He pushed her robe up over her behind, then pulled down her pajama bottoms; they were so big and baggy, they practically slid down on their own.

“But, I said I was sorry!”

I’ll leave the rest for you to read on your own. You can pick up a copy of Kiki’s Millionaire here:

Blushing Books, and Barnes & Noble.

Now take your flirtatious self, you naughty person, and hop along for more fun:

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