Saturday Spankings: Nina Runs Up Against Matron

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Saturday Spankings

Rescued-by-the-Spy750-PGWelcome, once again, to Saturday Spankings on Patricia Green Books. I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, thus far. I’m all excited by my BRAND NEW RELEASE: Rescued by the Spy. This is a self-published work, and I’m hoping that it does well enough to encourage me to do more. The cover is by Anthony Walsh (The Cover Artisan); the editing is by Kate Richards (Wizards in Publishing), and the formatting is by Stacey Price. I was lucky to be able to put together such an awesome team of talented professionals.

Now on to the excerpt.

In this segment, Nina has run smack up against the Ligeian subjugation of women and is being punished for disrespecting Matron, who is in charge of teaching wayward captives their place in the world. Nina is being spanked with a wooden paddle.

It had started with two strokes for being impertinent to Matron earlier in the day, then eight or nine because Nina wasn’t putting her all into her replies and a few more for Nina’s colorful language as well. The guard who held her arms down across the tabletop seemed entirely impassive to her cries and cringes.

“I will never show disrespect to the masters again,” Nina said in full voice.

“Better,” Matron said, rubbing her dry hand over Nina’s burning flesh. “Now, obedience.”

“I will be obedient at all times,” Nina supplied.

“Very good. And subservience.”

Nina cringed, her teeth grinding together at being forced to say the hateful words. “I will serve the masters in all ways required.”

Now if only she could cooperate, maybe things would go better for her until her rescuer, Michael O’Malley, can implement his subterfuge and get them out of Ligeia. Unfortunately, she does have a temper on her.

Go here to read the blurb and get an extended excerpt of the book. There are also character profiles available for this book.

Thank you for joining me here today!

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  1. Is it still coming out this weekend? I know the formatting part isn’t easy since each site requires something a little different. Looking forward to the new release.

  2. I hope Nina can hang on long enough for Michael to rescue her! Good luck with your self-publishing venture, Trish. I’m sure it will be fantastic with a gazillion sales!