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Bound Inked 600x900Sheri Savill is a friend and colleague who writes the most intriguing dark BDSM fiction you could ever hope to encounter. Her stuff is hot, tasty, and makes your toes curl in the best way possible. Today, she’s bringing Bound & Inked over to play.

To start, Sheri has kindly answered this interview question:

What’s your motto in life?

Get out of the fast lane, goddammit. Kidding. My biggest thing is probably trying every minute, every day, to live by the golden rule. Mom just wanted me to stay out of prison.

Now, on to Bound & Inked:

Janna wants a tattoo, and sexy tattoo artist Mark knows just what she needs. Together they explore the line between pleasure and pain.


Janna Sommers is a brave woman who knows just what she wants: a tattoo — a full sleeve black and grey tattoo, to be specific. It’s an ambitious goal for anyone’s first ink, but when she meets handsome and gifted tattoo artist Mark Temple, she finds herself yearning for something more than one of his original designs.

As she willingly places herself in Mark’s experienced — if sometimes cruel — hands, she finds herself submitting to a strong and uniquely creative dominant, one who arouses intense physical sensations in her — both pleasure and pain.

Bound to his tattoo table, will she also allow herself to be used as a living canvas for Mark’s … darker desires? Will she allow herself to be marked, indelibly and forever, as his?

NOTE: This is an erotic romance novella depicting consenting adults engaging in tattooing, piercing, extensive BDSM content, bondage, sexual scenes including anal, and more. If any of these things offend you, this is not the book for you. Approximately 24,000 words.

[This novella was previously published as Marked for Submission. Please be aware that this is the same story, but also features a few brand-new chapters and other new material, a new cover, and a new title. The book has also been completely re-edited to provide you with a more satisfying reading experience.]


“Hurting yet?” Mark asked under his breath, never taking his eyes off her arm as he continued to work. The tip of the needle pressed in hard and steady, scraping along her skin. The “routine” of being tattooed was already becoming evident to her: it was a continuous dragging pressure, punctuated by the rough, wiping motions of Mark’s other gloved hand, grasping a bloodied damp cleansing cloth. Brief pauses for him to infuse the gun with more ink, but those were the only breaks. He kept up the pressure. Continuous pressure. Drawing in the lines, creating a bloody, ink-smeared path.

She noticed that Mark occasionally smiled a little – that sexy grin – as if having some inner thought about something he found…amusing.

This sadist is actually enjoying this! Damn, what a sick, twisted profession.

“I’m fine, thanks. And thanks so much for your concern.” Something in her didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of getting her to admit it hurt this much already. Submissive, yes, but not a wimp. Not a baby. Definitely not a quitter. She viewed herself as strong and independent and tough. Able to take whatever someone dished out. “No Whining” was her motto. Usually.

But this was something else. She caught her breath again as a new wave of pain hit, completely erasing any snarkiness she’d managed to affect just a moment before. “Oh fuck. Yes, it hurts!”

“Hurts just a little, huh?” Mark’s eyes narrowed. “But I bet your pussy is wet as fuck right now. Let’s just check on that, shall we?”

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Author Bio:

SHERI SAVILL is the author of dark BDSM erotic romance, and yes, humor both kinky and vanilla. She is a real-life submissive who was into BDSM way before it was cool. A career in media and journalism (reporter, editor, DJ, copywriter) drove her to the brink of insanity, so she became an attorney and web developer.

Known for her irreverent blog, Savill is heavily tattooed, pierced, super geeky, easily annoyed yet fun-loving, and caffeinated. She speaks often of a treasured “letter from Dave Barry” that no one has actually seen. Award-winning sex author and columnist Violet Blue called Savill’s BDSM parody “painfully, hilariously timeless.”

When she’s not charging her portable electronic devices, Savill spends her time writing, thinking about writing, or wishing she had written. She scored a 780 out of 800 on a standardized writing test of some sort and, just as she predicted, has never had to use calculus in her entire adult life.


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Get your copy of Bound & Inked today. I loved it. You will, too.

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