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Saturday Spankings
Rescued-by-the-Spy750-PGI’ve been working hard at getting the word out about Rescued by the Spy, but I didn’t want to miss another week of Saturday Spankings, so here I am. Rescued by the Spy is still on pre-order, so once I entice you with this excerpt, you can go get yourself a copy on Amazon. It will be delivered promptly on November 1. Amazon promised.

This segment of the book follows after Nina’s encounter with Matron’s paddle (here’s that scene from my last Saturday Spankings). Michael is teasing her about it…in more ways than one.

“Naughty kitten,” he teased, rubbing her tender rear.

“I am terribly naughty, sir,” she replied, unable to repress a small smile.

“If you’re that naughty, maybe I should spank you more,” he said, giving her a quick swat.

“Oh! Please no, sir. I won’t be naughty, I promise.”

“I don’t believe you, but I think you’ve been spanked enough for one day.” He moved his hand down her thigh to explore between her legs.

“You’re a wet, wet girl,” he said, his voice husky.

Now that you’ve had your excerpt, you can go here for the blurb and here for an extended excerpt from Chapter 1. This is a self-published book, fully professionally edited, full length (64,000 words), and I’d like to make it a success. It encourages me to further mischief. If you can help toward that end, I’d appreciate it.

Thank you for joining me for Saturday Spankings. Hop over to the other spanko pages for more treats:


  1. Naughty girl! I bet I can guess what he’s going to do with that wet girl!

  2. Yum! Naughty girls are the best kind!

  3. I seem to be making a habit of going onto to people’s Sat Spanks posts and then telling them that I am not going to read their snippet. I did it to Renee Rose last week.

    So, yeah, hi Patricia! I’m sure it was a great snippet but I stopped reading when I got to it because I have already preordered Rescued By The Spy and when I know I am definitely going to read a book I like to go into it as unspoiled as possible.

    (I do read other snippets though. I don’t just bounce around the Sat Spanks list refusing to read things. I read stuff that I don’t know if I am going to get yet and read snippets from books I’ve already read. That’s always fun. You can be like “I remember that bit. That bit was great”)

    • I understand completely. I try to save some of the good stuff for the release, but occasionally, snippets tell the tale too much. Thank you for coming by, Etta, and for getting the book on pre-order. 🙂

  4. Sounds like you want to be naughty too, Trish! LOL But your mischief is of the best kind. Can’t wait to get my copy of Spy! Great snippet!

  5. Rescued by the Spy will be the very next book I buy. Can’t put it on order until I know I won’t be charged until Nov 1. If it happens to be available a day or two early as I have seen with Amazon in the past I don’t want to get burned on my book budget. I am very interested in polyamory. This looks like the polyandry could work that way. I know I have to wait, but the idea is intriguing.

    • In all honesty, I don’t know when Amazon charges on pre-orders. If it’s an issue, then it’s smart to wait. I guarantee it’ll be out by November 1. That much I’m certain of. Thank you for commenting.

  6. I was already intrigued by the book but after the book club yesterday, I’m double so. Sexy little snippet.

  7. I definitely want further mischief.

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