My Guest: Corinne Alexander with A Brush of Violet

A-Brush-of-Violet-Final-500Corbin’s Bend, how I love thee. You probably love Corbin’s Bend novels, too, or you will when you discover them. I hope to introduce you to a brand spankin’ new one today: A Brush of Violet, by Corinne Alexander. This is Corinne’s debut novel. Meet a new author and discover something fresh and different. Plus, if you’re a “series person,” you’ll love the fact that there are many Corbin’s Bend novels just waiting for you, and I know from personal experience, you don’t have to read them in any particular order to enjoy them thoroughly. Corinne is also giving away a $10 Amazon gift certificate to one Rafflecopter entrant during her blog tour. The Rafflecopter is at the end of this post. Enter!

So come on in and meet Corinne. She’s got a little inside view of A Brush of Violet for you. Take it away, Corinne…

Hi, Trish! Thank you so much for having me on your blog today. I’m really excited to be here to talk about my book, A Brush of Violet, and discuss what I consider one of the main themes of the book.

In, A Brush of Violet, we watch the main character, Violet, come face to face with two important parts of her past that she had given up as a college student in order to pursue a high profile career. One of the things she chose to set aside were her artistic pursuits in order to pursue a more practical career. She felt that while her artistic endeavors fulfilled her they didn’t make a lucrative career choice. During the same time period she breaks off her relationship with her dominant boyfriend, who sparked her desire for submission and spanking.  After being confronted by her Mother she falls into doubt that she can be both submissive in her relationship and dominant in her career choice. Although she accomplishes everything she sought out to achieve and more she finds that she’s not really happy. In fact it’s not until she allows herself the time to pursue her passions again that she finds balance and happiness once more.

I find Violet’s dilemma to be a familiar one that many, if not most, go through at some point during their lives. Sometimes it’s a matter of perception; we think that we have to give up one part of ourselves to pursue another part. Another possibility is that we are concerned about being judged or ostracized for a belief or interest.  We may just need to find a way to meet the old with the new. The things that are truly ingrained and important tend to find their way back to us over and over again.  Of course, there really are times, when we do need to leave something behind in order to find greater happiness. I think those things tend to resolve themselves.

Have you ever given up a passion, hobby, interest, or aspect of yourself in order to fit in, enter the career force, or maybe start a family? Have you found this part of your past circling back around?

Here’s some information about the book, and an excerpt follows:

High powered business woman, Violet Walker, has long left her artistic days behind. That is until her best friend, Everleigh Harris, invites her to Corbin’s Bend for an art festival. What Everleigh doesn’t know is that Violet hasn’t been able to paint a single brush stroke since turning her back on her submissive desires and spanking needs in college. When she meets charismatic and drop dead gorgeous Charles her world is turned completely upside down. Will Violet, overworked, burnt out, and in denial of her deepest wants and desires, be able to surrender when love knocks on her door?

Charles Robinson, President of the discipline Board in Corbin’s Bend and longtime resident, adores the community he lives in and the freedom it provides for all who live there. Raised in a traditional family; love and discipline are a way of life for him. There’s nothing he wants more than a marriage just like his parents where spanking and romance go hand in hand, even if that means holding out for true love. Is Violet just the kind of woman he’s looking for?

Will Violet risk the life she’s built for herself in blood, sweat, and tears for the undeniable connection she has with Charles, the utter bliss and contentment she feels when she’s over his lap? Can Charles convince Violet she really can have it all? Will this trip be just what she needs to rekindle all that she has lost since joining the corporate world?


He led her over to the clubhouse to the room he had mentioned the day before, the one that needed a special key to enter.

He led her into the dimly lit room. The first thing she noticed was that the soundproof padding she was expecting to see on the walls was completely concealed behind tasteful paneling. The room was warm and inviting, yet there was a distinct air of being strictly serviceable too. Along one side of the room sat several chairs that looked like might be for observers as there were about four in a row. There was also a straight back chair with no arms toward the center of the room and an arm chair toward the wall. A couch sat against a far wall.

However, what caught her attention was an apparatus in the right hand corner of the room. It was a bench of sorts. The end facing toward the room was just slightly lower than waist high. There was a padded bench that laid flat and then angled down toward the floor. There were cuffs around the legs of the front part of the bench and at the end of the bench along a bar.

Charles made his way toward a closet on the end of the room that the bench was on. The sight that beheld her as he opened the closet door made her gasp. There hanging on the wall behind the door was an array of every implement that she could imagine awaiting a naughty bottom to be applied to. There were floggers, belts, straps, paddles, and canes. They were in every shape, size, and type of spanking implement that there was. Violet shuddered in anticipation as she fingered a long supple strap made of leather. There was something about leather that made her knees go weak, but it was the jingle of the belt as it was unbuckled, the whir of air as it slid through its loops, and the crack of the leather against bare flesh that always got her. There was something deliciously alpha about a man who wielded a belt.

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