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I’d like to introduce you to my friend and colleague, Elaine Raco Chase. Some of you have undoubtedly seen me share some of her work with you on Facebook and Twitter. It’s not only because she’s a wonderful person, but also because I can certify that her writing is amazing. She has a grasp of romance and humour that will delight you, as it’s delighted me. I invited Elaine to introduce herself to you and let you know about her books–especially, her special FREE book for December. You read that right, FREE. If you’ve never tried Elaine Raco Chase’s work, this is your opportunity to get hooked risk free.

Now I’ll turn this over to Elaine, who can tell you about her books in a much better fashion that I can. Take it away, Elaine…

ERacoChase - Caught in a TrapHappy Holidays Everyone!

First let me thank Patricia Green for inviting me to her blog..if you haven’t read her newest book – Rescued by the Spy …what are you waiting for! Gift yourself!

If you like sassy, laugh out loud, contemporary romances – some more explicit than others – I am your author!

Reviewers have called them: “cat & mouse” – “slow burn” – “hot and steamy” – “highly addicting” – “solid characters & lots of humor” – “amazing reads!”

I call them fun! My heroines are NOT: thin, petite, clueless or submissive. They are strong women who aren’t looking for a man – until the right one comes along!

And those men! Tough-guy, alpha males who don’t know what hit them! But do know they want MORE!

I also write explicit mystery/thrillers and the Agatha Christie nominated non-fiction, “How to write the Amateur Detective Novel” which is in the FBI Forensic Library at Quantico.

Double Occupancy was on FB’s Top 50 Books to read after 50 Shades of Grey list for over 2 years; Rules of the Game was voted #1 erotic romance by Turning Pages.

My newest book, Caught in a Trap is an erotic romantic comedy…loads of fun, explicit, with a woman who gives the billionaire a check! Here’s a sample:

“How much cash did you give BobandTodd?”

“A thousand.”

Kit smiled. “Not a problem, I will write you a check as soon as I can locate my purse.” Noting that his dimples had turned into trenches and his jaw was clenched, she drew herself up to her full height. Rafe Morgan had better learn right now that she was not going to be intimidated by his damn body or his wallet. “The air conditioning dowry was your idea and a generous one. But we are all family here. We help each other when times are good or bad. I appreciate the fact you had that much cash but it will be repaid. I don’t have my hand in your pocket.”

“I know…” Rafe’s deep voice reverberated in her ear while his fingers spread against her lower spine, forcing her tight against him, “and that’s part of my problem. I’d love to feel your hands go deep into my pockets.”

When she felt the hard length of his cock beneath his jeans press between her legs, Kit didn’t back away. Her words were a husky warning into his ear. “Get used to playing pocket pool, Mr. Morgan.” Her teeth nipped the matching hickey he had asked for under his earlobe. When she heard his surprise gasp, Kit pivoted and ran down the last two flights of stairs. Damn, but he tasted good.

You can find Caught in a Trap here:

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All Romance eBooks:


My gift to everyone is actually a FREE book – Kindle – Dare the Devil will be free 12/11 & 12/12…and if you like audiobooks – you can get the audiobook for just $1.99 with no membership required. And it’s quite the audiobook – more like a movie soundtrack with original music, sound effects, a cast of 100’s, and some fabulous reviews.

ERacoChase - dare the devil ebook coverDare the Devil brings you one kickass movie stunt woman, one sexy alpha cowboy, a zany movie cast, modern day rustlers and a sexy action adventure. Plus a few fun surprises!

Find it on Amazon, here:






You can reach me:
@ElaineRaco on twitter; and on and iTunes!

Have a wonderful Holiday Season….happy reading!

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Thanks, Elaine, for joining us here today. It’s been a pleasure to have you.



  2. Thank you so much for the delightful interview…always have fun with you Patricia…Happy Holidays & stay warm!

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