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Kevin - A Man of DisciplineHave you ever wondered about the mind of a BDSM sadist? One who loves his submissive and nurtures her, though his sexuality is sometimes harsh? I’ve known a few of these people in my life, both men and women, and they might surprise you. They are not the torturing criminals on the news, they are regular people with a need to control things, and a sexual need that’s hard to meet. But what makes them what they are? And shouldn’t they just knock it off? (Should a gay person just stop being gay?)

In this short story, you’ll meet the sexual sadist from Master of Two, Kevin Watson. He’s a very successful man, and a loving sadist in the bedroom. It might surprise you to know that there are a lot of female submissives who are attracted to men like Kevin. But I’ll let you meet him and find out about him, in his own words. You’ll either love him or you’ll hate him, the choice is yours.

Kevin: A Man of Discipline. This story is intended for adults only. If you’re not 18+, this is not the story for you.

All persons in Kevin: A Man of Discipline are adults, any resemblance to real people is a coincidence; this is a work of fiction.