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Saturday Spankings

Note: This excerpt is not safe for work (language and concepts).

Kevin - A Man of DisciplineI’m back for Saturday Spankings this week. It’s been a nice vacation, but it was time for me to get back to work. You might notice that my work in progress meter is active again, which means I’m having fun!

Today, I’m sharing a tidbit from my recently released short story, “Kevin: A Man of Discipline.” It’s one of the companion short stories for my novella, Master of Two. Although the rest of the stories and novella were written with my colleague, Karin Ito, Kevin’s story was mine alone. I loved writing it, and I hope it shows. The entire story is in first person from Kevin’s perspective. Here’s a segment.

There were things I’d seen during a trip to Amsterdam with my father, magazines and adult comic books, that left a lasting impression on me. I was drawn to the Sadomasochistic stuff the most—not blood and destruction, but the expressions on the faces of the participants pulled me in. I wanted to try some of those things with Tasha, and she was more than willing to accommodate me.

The first time I spanked her, she took to it like a sea turtle to water. Even though it made her cry, she was wet and ready for me to fuck. Her breasts were firm, the nipples hard and, before I took her, I pinched rather roughly and found that, not only did she react with enthusiasm, but I enjoyed it immensely. Her moan, the arch of her spine, the suffering on her face, and the way she bit her lip as I slowly twisted those nipples, turned me on so much, I nearly came right there on her belly.

I hope you enjoyed this Saturday Spankings offering from “Kevin: A Man of Discipline.” You can read the entire short story here on my blog for free.

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  1. I totally agree with him that it’s the expressions on the faces that make it hot.

  2. Oh…oh…oh MY. I was about to take a shower but now methinks I’ll make it cold. HOT!

  3. There is a bit of a sadist in him, isn’t there?

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