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Rescued-by-the-Spy750-PGWelcome to Weekend Writing Warriors on Patricia Green Books. This is a great hop, with lots to offer a savvy reader. My eight sentences this week are from Rescued by the Spy. They’re another segment from the beginning of the book, where Nina makes the mistake of going down a dark tunnel on the way home from the grocery store.

Sweat trickled down Nina’s spine and between her breasts as she hurried toward the open end of the tunnel. The footsteps weren’t furtive, but were easily keeping pace with her. She gritted her teeth, primal fear mixing with self-preservation instinct. In front of her, a shadow moved, and she knew, even as she gasped and came to a clumsy halt, that she was in deep trouble.

“Hey, lady,” the man snarled. He was only two-and-a-half meters in front of her, but she couldn’t quite make out his features yet.

“What do you want?” she demanded, trying to keep her voice modulated and not quite accomplishing it. “Let me pass.”

Nina’s encounter isn’t a hi-how-are-ya moment.

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  1. Hope the person following has better intentions than the guy blocking her!

  2. She is in a bad situation, suspenseful excerpt!

  3. Very menacing. Lots of tension. Well done!

  4. Wow, tense. Can’t wait to see what happens next…great snippet!

  5. Puts me immediately in the scene. I can almost smell the earthy scent of the tunnel. Excellent blend of description and action. Can’t wait for more!

  6. This is one of those scene so tensely fraught that there’s no way of knowing exactly what will set it off—only that something will.

    Whew! Very well done! 🙂

  7. Oh gosh! Somehow I doubt he’s going to let her pass without a fight. A real nail-biting snippet!

  8. This snippet gave me the shivers. Great job of putting us right there with her.

  9. That’s a terrifying encounter alright!

  10. Yikes! Scary situation. Nice build of tension.

  11. Threatening little scene! Well done.

  12. Scary! Nice job of painting the scene, and mounting the tension. 🙂

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