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Rescued-by-the-Spy750-PGIt’s time for Weekend Writing Warriors an eight-sentence hop, where you can meet all kinds of wonderful authors.

This week, I’m continuing on with Nina’s confrontation with bad guys. You don’t need to have read my previous WWW entries in order to get the gist of this. Basically, Nina has chosen to go down a dark alley after grocery shopping. Here’s what happens:

“Sorry, lady, but we’re not interested in groceries,” the headman said. “And you couldn’t possibly have enough credits.” He nodded, and the three thugs behind her grabbed for Nina.

Her scream echoed in the tunnel, making the headman cringe, but he didn’t move. She swung her grocery bags, hoping forlornly they’d do some damage to any of the three who reached for her arms. Milk splattered all over the nearest tunnel wall and ran down into a puddle, and rice spilled onto the concrete, making Nina’s feet slip around, but the thugs weren’t slowed at all. She struggled against their hands, kicked at their shins, and tried to stomp on their feet. There were just too many of them, and their preparation far outweighed her old military training.

What do you think their nefarious plans are for her? I think it’s safe to say, it doesn’t look good.

For more from Rescued by the Spy, you can get a longer excerpt, or pick up the book at these fine retailers., and

ISBN: 978-0-9939501-0-0
Copyright ©2014-15 Patricia Green
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  1. lol – nothing like taking on the enemy with rice pudding and spilled milk. Great snippet.

  2. Gotta wonder why she went down the dark alley in the first place … but then I guess I need to read everything that comes before in order to understand.

  3. She’s determined despite her realization of the outcome. I like her! Wonderful action with just the right amount of detail. Lovely 8!

  4. bad times are ahead. Wonderful action writing, Patricia! It was easy to visualize.

  5. Nicely choreographed action scene which makes it very believable that she’s defended herself well.

  6. I liked the part about the milk and rice. 😉
    Nice 8!

  7. Things are going from bad to worse! I love all the details of this scene.

  8. Uh oh. She could have bought canned good. Whacked them in the head. Seriously, good snippet. Like the details (milk splattering, the rice going everywhere).

  9. She’s so determined. If they’re going to take her, she’s going down swinging. So clear in this excerpt–she’s going to fight the odds no matter what. Exciting 8!

  10. At least she’s putting up a fight, gotta respect that! Well described scene, great 8!

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