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Rescued-by-the-Spy750-PGWelcome to my entry in the Weekend Writing Warriors hop where you can get a whole boatload of eight-sentence excerpts from all kinds of wonderful authors.

This week, I’m moving ahead with Rescued by the Spy. You might recall from my last entry (2 weeks ago), that our heroine, Nina, was kidnapped by some rough bad guys. Well, she’s taken off-world to the moon, Titan. Her experience there starts off rather badly (to say the least). This excerpt is R-rated, so please use discretion.

The ten women were led in a single-file line out into a noisy auditorium. They each tried to cover themselves with their hands for modesty but, of course, it was of little help. The auditorium was dense with smoke from tobacco and other weeds, making the number of persons present hard to estimate. Still, Nina thought there were maybe two hundred in the theatre-in-the-round style room. The women prisoners went up three stairs and onto a stage in the middle of the audience. There were guards positioned solidly around the bottom of the stage. The lights on the prisoners were harsh, further obscuring the audience from view. The women crowded together on the little platform, and the auction began.

Rescued by the Spy
ISBN: 978-0-9939501-0-0
Copyright ©2014-15 Patricia Green
All Rights Reserved

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  1. No bueno! Rough times ahead for these ladies. Nice eight.

  2. That’s a terrible situation to be in, but all your details really bring this scene to life.

  3. it’s the little details that make things great – with smoke from tobacco and other weeds – subtle and wonderful.

  4. You set the stage, literally and figuratively.

  5. A grim situation. I agree with the others that the way you’ve written the scene is highly effective.

  6. Hi Patricia. The way you stripped your description bare of emotion heightened the impact immeasurably. We get that the scene is appalling without you having to say it once. That is art. Thank you for sharing. A really compelling piece.

  7. The details are outstanding, Patricia. I am scared for the women. No good will come of this…

  8. I agree with both Jenna and Celeste. The situation is horrible and you’ve done a spectacular job of creating a vivid scene.

  9. great detail and description setting up her experience entering the arena.

  10. Such a horrible situation, but your description makes us see it vividly, as Nina experiences it. I too really loved this book. Great snippet!

  11. I really enjoyed this book and this scene is so memorable. I could feel the anxiety of the women who were so vulnerable and in a completely foreign situation.

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