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Hello and welcome to Part 2 and the end of this free short story. If you missed Part 1, it’s here.

This segment is about 600 words long, so should take you less than five minutes to read.

Among the Trees

Among the Trees, There are Dreams
by Patricia Green
© Copyright 2015 Patricia Green
All Rights Reserved

“You!” he cried.

“Leave this place,” she said, trying to show command with her voice, though it was shaky. Turning away, she hoped to walk away, leaving him behind, though in her heart she was drawn to him in a frightening way.

He shot up and took her hand, stopping her progress. “No. I came for you. I saw you in my dreams. Fate would have us together, Sondja.”

Trembling, she turned to him. “How do you know my name?”

“I heard it on the wind. I saw it written in clouds. I have longed to know the woman behind it for many years. I have traveled far.”

Indeed, he had a deep accent, though she could not place it. Still, he spoke her tongue well enough. Perhaps… Would Fate have drawn their threads together, entwined them as they’d been entwined in his dream?

“I saw your dream,” she told him. “I have the sight. I know what you want me for. I cannot.”

“No! That is not all. I know you have the power of hearing dreams. I saw you, but could never touch you or speak to you, as I slept. Until I came upon you in this forest today, I thought you were a dream never to be found in this life.”

His words stirred her; vague memories were ghosting back. Memories of her own dreams and a mate she thought only fiction. “Perhaps I am,” she whispered.

Darter raised her hand to his face and rubbed their skin together. Electric shocks traveled up her arm to sting her nipples, but she didn’t want to withdraw from him. Something compelled her to stay, to touch him. To know his waking thoughts and learn about him.

“No, you are real,” he murmured against her palm. “I have found you. We are destined. Fate has matched us.”

Sondja suspected this was true. Fate had done much to influence her decisions. She’d been fated to be apart from the villagers. She’d been fated to stay alone until a distant day of mystery. Even in her dreams, she had not been shown how she would end her days. Perhaps he was her destiny. Certainly, she was not afraid of him. Her heart felt he knew her, and she him, though she’d never met him before.

A kiss. A tender kiss would be all she’d need to know if this was a delusion.

Sondja allowed herself to step toward him; in fact, she was compelled. He took her in his arms and held her close, then reached up and tilted her face toward his. When their lips gently met, the kiss made her shiver down to her toes. It was as though she’d found a piece of herself, long missing, so long in the past that she’d nearly forgotten it.

“Darter…” she whispered as their breaths mingled.

“Sondja, come with me. I live in a hamlet on the other side of the forest. It is far from here, but not so far that we cannot walk there together. Gather your things and be with me. Be my love both within my dreams and without them.”

Her gaze locked with his. He was so serious, so sincere. The blue of his eyes shone with love. In that moment, Sondja knew she would go with him. She would live until the end of her days with him. Her heart sang at the realization that she would no longer have to be alone. His dreams would be her dreams, waking and sleeping.

“Aye, I will go.”

He smiled and spoke not a word. There were no words necessary. They had dreams, and that was enough.

The End

Thank you for following along with this serial short story. I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to leave comments on any segment. Fairy tales are not new to me. I’ve written three. If you liked this one, you’ll most likely like The Princess and the Huntsman. Please take a look at it here to see if it’s right for you.

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