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Buying Brianny - GavelBuying Brianny is a new “Masters of the Castle” book by Abbie Adams. As with all the “Masters of the Castle” books, it’s a BDSM romance. Abbie has done a fine job of fitting into the universe, adding her new story, and making it stand out and stand alone. I think you’ll enjoy this wonderful book.

Abbie was kind enough to answer a personal question for me.

Patricia: How do you rate success?

Abbie: That is a very hard question to answer. Seeing my book go number one doesn’t mean “Hey, I’m so popular!” It means that these people totally got something out of this book. They understood me. They related to the struggle of my characters. I had a really hard time letting this story out, and this going to the top of the chart  means it was good that I let it out, and maybe somebody else relates.

Here’s a story summary.

They say the best way to learn a language is through immersion, Brianny wasn’t sure it worked the same way in BDSM.

He was a man for God’s sake. A man living in the twentieth century where treating a woman delicately had been bred into him. You never hit a girl, his mother had taught him that from a tender age. Women’s rights were touted hither and yon. Spanking was for disobedience in children. No, children weren’t spanked anymore either.

Kian had been spanked many times as a child. His single mother might have seemed like a country mouse, but she’d walloped him good on more than one occasion. And he’d deserved everything she dished out. He knew it—and he knew she loved him and wanted the best for him too.

That hadn’t worked with an ex of his though. She hadn’t thought of it as loving when he’d busted her ass for drinking and driving. No, she’d ended the relationship in a hurry. Of course he’d never repeated the mistake with another woman. Not even his Brianny, who as it turns out, has craved discipline among other things.

Brianny has a bucket list, not the kind you want to do before you die—the kind you do before you get married. Okay, maybe not that either, but her sister says unless Brianny explores her inner submissive, she’ll never be content with her future husband.

But what if said future husband turns her away because he doesn’t like her submissive side? It had taken Brianny a pint of Hot Damn and her kinky sister to even put voice to her secret desires.

Some people go to strange and amazing lengths to prove their love. All Brianny wants as proof is for Kian to buy her at The Castle’s New Year’s Eve charity auction, then tie her up and take away her control. Consentual, non-consent, that’s what her sister had called it. Was that too much to ask?

Will Kian pay the asking price? Money might not buy love, but at The Castle it can buy a submissive for the week.

Next, please enjoy this excerpt. It really lets the reader know that there’s reality in there; it’s not only a fantasy. I think in BDSM books, we often lose sight that difficult things happen to real people. Here’s a case where the Master is put on the spot.

“Sir, I’m a little concerned by your treatment of this girl. It’s alarming when a submissive is terrified enough to run crying from a scene—and left to run through the castle without protection. What gives?” The darker Sylvester Stallone look-alike challenged him.

Kian turned back to the men. “Did she call the castle safeword?” He turned back to Bri to ask, “Do you want me to leave? If you don’t want to be near me, I’ll leave. In fact, that might be safer for you because, I’m going to end up blistering your ass before the night is through.”

“I’m going to have to ask you to step into the hall, sir.” Stallone stepped between Kian and Bri.

“She didn’t safeword. Ask her if she wants me to leave.” Kian crossed his arms over his chest. Jackson had warned Kian of the chance of this happening.

“We might do just that, but you are going to wait elsewhere.” The blond quarterback hedged him to the door.

 For more by Abbie Adams, take a look at her Amazon Author Page.



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  1. Wow! What a powerful and intriguing excerpt! And I love the cover! Both characters seem to know what they want, from the blurb, but in the excerpt Kian seems to be pushing the envelope just a bit more. Sounds like a great read!

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