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Welcome! This post is part of the Weekend Writing Warriors blog hop.

disciplinedownunder_fullMy book, Discipline Down Under reached the All Romance eBooks Bestseller list this week. I’m celebrating by sharing a little of it for this hop. There are a summary and excerpt here on my site.

In this segment, our heroine, Peg, has fallen out of a tree while trying to get a good photograph during her Australian adventure. While down in the leaves, a strange man approaches. His face is in shadow.

“Don’t move.”

“What?” It was the first she’d spoken to him and her voice came out almost a squeak.

“Don’t bloody move. Don’t even breathe.”

He was reaching for something.

“I don’t understand,” she whispered, fear growing with each passing second. And then she saw the knife.

ARe Bestseller GraphicDiscipline Down Under is on sale for just $2.99 through April. Check it out at these retailers:

Amazon Barnes & Noble Kobo and All Romance eBooks.

Thanks for joining me today!


  1. What a teaser! 🙂 Nicely done, Patricia. And congrats on reaching the bestseller ranking! 🙂

  2. Oh wow! Thrilling! I just have to read this book. Fab snippet.

  3. Nice threat at the end there.

  4. And of course I’m thinking SNAKE! I’d be screaming and probably get bitten and that’d be the end of the romance for me. Enjoyed the excerpt a LOT.

  5. That certainly sets a tone and makes you want to chew a nail or two. Great job!

  6. Oh! Sounds like someone is in a pickle. Nice tension. Even with just the brief intro & little description, it’s a very visual piece. Great tight writing. I thoroughly enjoyed!

  7. She best listen, it’s probably one of those bad ass Australian snakes!

  8. I hope she finds a way out of this tense situation.

    Congratulations on becoming a bestseller!

  9. Congratulations! That’s a fantastic accomplishment!

  10. OMW! I am expecting the worse… I trust she listens to him!

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