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Hi, everyone. It’s Wednesday, so I have a little hump day get-to-the-positive-side-of-the-week news.

mentor 24985940_sI’m a mentor with Savvy Authors now, which means I’m going to be teaching a three month writing intensive, for beginners through advanced students. The course runs May 4 – August 2. It’s a one-on-one program, covering the following topics, and focused on where you need the most help.

  • Setting goals;
  • Learning the tropes (genre fiction);
  • Character profiles;
  • Genre-specific structure;
  • Creating an outline for “pantsers”;
  • Creating an outline for plotters;
  • Great openings;
  • Writing the first draft, including pre-editing tricks and tips;
  • Word choice and sentence construction;
  • First round of editing;
  • Writing the second/final draft;
  • Final editing;
  • The importance of having a second editor;
  • The importance of proofreading;
  • Writing the synopsis (can be done at the outlining stage);
  • Choosing a publisher or agent or self-publishing;
  • Writing the one-page pitch;
  • Submission standards.

It is not a free class, but having someone help you be more successful in your writing career pays for itself over the short- and long-term as well.

Here’s where you go to find out more, and to sign up: Mentoring Program at Savvy Authors. If you’re not a writer, perhaps you know someone who is. If so, pass this on. There are only two spots left in the class. Remember: this is one-on-one, so you don’t have to vie for instructor attention.

My bio and list of credits is here.


  1. I agree with Jenna. When Trish proofread for me, she gave me invaluable insight to my characters and plot. Having written and published 31 books, she clearly knows how to plan her time and efforts for the maximum productivity. Also, Saavy Writers is a great organization. I’ve taken more than a few courses with them myself. If you’re undecided about this course, I encourage you to sign up. You won’t be sorry.

  2. This sounds like a wonderful class for writers of all genres. And for those taking the class, you’re getting a fantastic instructor! I wish you the best of luck with it, Trish!

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