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Welcome, once again, to my sandbox. Pull up a bucket and get out your shovel, because we’re going to have some fun getting dirty. Recently, the “Conquered Brides” box set was released to the public through Stormy Night Publications. It’s a box set of five spanking romances, including books by Renee Rose, Sue Lyndon, Ashe Barker, Korey Mae Johnson, and Dinah MacLeod. Each book tells its own tale, but they have the theme in common. Today, I’d like to highlight two of the five talented authors’ works: Renee Rose with her book, The Knight’s Seduction, and Sue Lyndon with her book, Conquering Lady Claire. In this post, you’ll find the cover art, sales blurbs and some brief excerpts. I hope you’ll check out all the books in the “Conquered Brides” box set, because I know you’ll enjoy every one.

Here are links to the box set, “The Conquered Brides,” which is just $9.95 for all five books. Links to individual books follow the excerpts below.

Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, and ARe.

cover: conqueredbrides_full


cover: the knights seduction-renee roseFrom Renee Rose: The Knight’s Seduction. Here’s the sales summary:

Avowed to never give herself to a man, Lady Daisy stands ready to fight to the death when her castle’s defenses crumble. The imposing knight Sir Barrett has other ideas, however, and to her dismay, Daisy soon finds herself not only disarmed, but soundly spanked as well. Sir Barrett takes her as his captive bride, but when she shows real terror at the prospect of consummating their marriage, he offers her a bargain. She will offer her body to him and accept the pleasurable torments he inflicts, but he will not claim her fully until she aches for it so badly she begs him. Certain she will do no such thing, Daisy agrees, but can she resist the knight’s seduction?

Here’s an excerpt:

She turned her face away. She would go hungry before she let him feed her again.

“Do you want that spanking here, Daisy?”

Her bottom automatically clenched at the word spanking, and hot tingles crawled across her cheeks as if he had already delivered a few stinging blows. Maddeningly, a drip of moisture caressed her folds, dampening her skirt below. Dearest Virgin, what if it soaked through her skirts and he felt it on his thigh? She tried to shift, but he held her too close to move.

Why did he have this effect on her? She’d become all quivery, her body trembling, her breath short. She would never forgive him if he spanked her in public. His ability to stir such responses angered her further. She pressed her lips together to keep from snapping that she hated him.

He lifted the bowl again.

She had no choice but to drink from it.

“Good girl,” he said.

Her sex pulsed. She watched the bowl approach, as if in slow motion. Her rational self tried to stop the impulse, but it was too late. She shocked them both by sinking her teeth into the meat of his thumb, cutting through skin and tasting blood. She released it as quickly as her jaws had snapped, and looked at him in horror, knowing she’d just gone too far.

I think we can safely say uh-oh.

The Knight’s Seduction can be found at Amazon for $3.95.

cover: conquering lady claire - sue lyndonNext, let’s look at Sue Lyndon’s book, Conquering Lady Claire.

The sales summary:

As Hohenzollern Castle falls, mayhem unfolds around Lady Claire, and her only aim is to lead as many women and children of the castle to safety as possible. In an odd turn of fortune, her courageous efforts ultimately lead to her capture by none other than Lord Galien of Minrova, the very man that her brother, a powerful duke, recently commanded to find her and claim her as his wife. Claire’s defiance is quickly overcome by means of a firm hand applied to her bare bottom, but Galien is not content merely going through the motions of a political marriage. His skilled lovemaking soon leaves his new bride begging for more, but can he conquer her heart as well?

Here’s an excerpt:

“I’m surprised you left me alone,” she said, trying to sound bitter. “Aren’t you worried I’ll try to run away?”

Amusement lifted his expression, his dark eyes glittering in what scarce light lingered as the sun slipped away. “There’s just enough snow left on the ground from the last storm that tracking you would be easy. Besides that, I told my squires to keep an eye on you.”

At his response, she looked around the camp and spotted the two squires standing near a fire, and the moment she spotted them they ducked their heads as if trying to be inconspicuous. She sighed and gazed up at Lord Galien. “I might wish to escape you, my lord, but I am not stupid. I’ve no idea where we are, and I am not foolish enough to wander through the forest at night.”

“I’m glad to hear it.” He pulled her closer and wrapped his arms around her, his features once again turning stern. “Do you know what will happen if you attempt to leave this camp?”

She glared at him hard even as her face grew hot, the shame of her trip over his knee in the castle still fresh in her mind. “I’ve an idea.”

“I want to hear you say it, my sweet Lady Claire. Tell me what happens the next time you misbehave.”

She tried to lower her head, but he grasped her chin and forced her to hold his gaze. “You, my lord, are the most infuriating man I have ever had the misfortune to meet.”

And, for your convenience, here is an Amazon link for Conquering Lady Claire, which sells for $3.95.

I encourage you follow these authors, or drop them a note.

Renee Rose can be found here:








And Sue Lyndon is available at these locations:






Remember, each of these books sells for $3.95, but you can get the whole “Conquered Brides” box set for just $9.95. Get your copy today.



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