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woman duh 31500817_sHello, everyone. Those of you who follow me on Facebook (see link, upper right corner) already read this announcement, but for those of you who aren’t on my FB feed, I wanted to tell you that the “Sonata’s Moon” serial set will not be published in the time frame originally planned. Due to some changes at Amazon, particularly pertaining to self-published books, I had to re-package the books, not as a serial set of two, but as one volume. You will still get both books, but you’ll only have to pay once. I will have the volume out in July, but the date is uncertain at this time since the cover must be redone, as well as the formatting. The editing on the second half is still in the works as well. I will alert you when the book is finally scheduled, but in the meantime, if you want status updates, follow me on Facebook. You’ll get the latest news there because I limit myself to one blog post a day, 3-4 posts per week, but on FB I sometimes have two a day on my author page.

Thank you for your patient understanding. If you want to complain, Amazon would be your best target.