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book gourmet logoFirst Course –  The Amuse Bouche

I don’t know why these are called “tag lines” instead of “teasers,” but they’re great no matter what you name them.

Following His Heart (by Donna Fasano): Something most peculiar draws Landon to the ocean–and to Sara.

Caught in a Trap (by Elaine Raco Chase): He set a trap of his own.

Second Course – The Appetizer

Cara Bristol has a new book: Stolen Moments. It’s a hilarious romantic comedy, which is short but packs a punch. You won’t believe what Mary Sue gets into.

The synopsis:

Is it crazy to be jealous of a fictional character?

While Mary Sue is proud of her construction-worker husband Billy’s new-found success as an author of spanking novels, she also finds herself resentful of Beverly Golightly, the fictional heroine who gets everything Mary Sue wants: her man’s undivided attention, lots of hot loving, and many delicious spankings.

But is Mary Sue’s jealousy any crazier than the plan she hatches to recapture her husband’s attention?

Cover: StrikerThird Course – The Entrée

“I’m a big fan of Patricia Green and I loved this excellent book. It had everything I love even though it was somewhat of a departure from the spanking romance. It did have spanking and romance but that was just a bonus. It was an intense murder mystery and how Striker and his new partner work the crime scene that was like I imagined, a real well done police investigation. It was obviously researched very well and it was exciting and fun to read, sort of an updated Mike Hammer.” ~Laurel (from her five star review on

Striker an erotic detective romance by Patricia Green.

Fourth Course – The Dessert

The first draft of “My Vacation in Rio: Romantek” is done as of yesterday afternoon. There are many edits to be made over the next couple of weeks, and multiple readings to polish it, but I love how it flowed. It was one of the easier books I’ve written (and out of more than 30 books, that’s saying something). It was “easy” because it had been rattling around in my brain since 2014, and I guess my subconscious was working on it all that time.

It includes Carnival in Rio at the turn of the millennium, crazy costumes, an evil villain returning, a handsome Chairman of the Board, a sparky Cyber Security bodyguard, death, a mole, lots of romance, spanking, and a happy ever after ending. That’s a lot to fit into forty thousand words, but it’s all in there and in detail.

I’ll keep you posted on its progress through publication at Blushing Books.

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  1. I’m a little late to the party, but thanks, Trish, for mentioning Stolen Moments.

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