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book gourmetFirst Course – The Amuse Bouche

Tag lines to tickle your reading taste buds.

River and Sky, and Sky’s Limit, River’s Reward (a two book paperback set by Courage Knight): Can two desperate, lonely people forge a meaningful life together? Or would they have been better off if they had never met?

Sink or Swim (by Stacy Drumtra Juba): How do you change the channel when reality TV turns to murder?

Second Course – The Appetizer

How many Elaine Raco Chase books do you have? I have them all! Her style is urbane, funny, sexy, and romantic. I’d like to recommend one for you to start with, Double Occupancy. It takes a vacation to Mexico and revs it up to scorching hot! You can find it on Amazon both as a Kindle ebook and also in audio format.

Here’s the synopsis:

All Casey Reynolds wanted was peace and quiet and a long vacation from covering the crime beat in Boston. That’s why she agreed to borrowing a villa in Mexico to rest, be alone and work on her novel.

But then he showed up — Travis Craig. He said he was offered the villa to recover from a serious illness. He had just lost his teaching job and had no money to leave.

She agreed with his plan to share the house — but on her terms. Soon rest and relaxation were a thing of the past when their double occupancy proved too erotic to control.

You can read more about it, including excerpts, on the Double Occupancy Amazon page.

Cover: The Winner: Romantek Book OneThird Course – The Entrée

The Winner: Romantek Book 1

“I absolutely loved this story!

Every once in a while I find a book that I literally cannot put down. Even when I take a quick break from reading, I still think about the characters. What’s going to happen next? What if…? Why…?

The first book in the Romantek series was just that! I eagerly anticipated each new scene, pouring through the chapters; disappointed when I had to put it down for real life activities. …” ~Katherine Dean, excerpted from a review on Read the whole review here.

Read the first Romantek book and find out all about this unique and sexy time in the future, when your dreams become virtual reality.

Fourth Course – The Dessert

As promised last week, the blurb for My Vacation in Rio: Romantek Book 4.

Romantek Corporation creates dreams for its customers–dreams of exotic, historic places and events more fabulous than a time machine. As part of their dreaming apparatus, they’re releasing a new product on the market, Soma-gen. The Soma-gen process is part of the dreaming technology, helping cells regenerate and scrubbing out impurities and annoying genetic problems like receding hairlines. Romantek’s Chairman of the Board is a perfect volunteer for a high-profile test. He’s fit, old enough to have begun feeling the effects of age, and a person used to taking risks. Sergio Corvino is excited to experience his Romantek dream at Carnival in Rio de Janeiro in the year 2000. Everyone is eager to see how his real body fares as a result of Soma-gen.

Amber Tachibara will also be experiencing the vacation in Rio with Sergio. He doesn’t know it, but she’s been sent as a bodyguard. There have been problems with cyber-terrorists in the past, and Romantek isn’t taking any chances with their Chairman. Tachibara is tough on the job, but submissive in intimate situations. Her discovery of that side of her surprises both people concerned.

When a cyber-terrorist shows up in Rio, can Amber keep Sergio safe? Things can get deadly fast in a dream. Will Amber and Sergio survive their vacation in Rio?

This book sits with its publisher, Blushing Books, waiting for its turn to be released. Stay tuned!


  1. Thank you so much for mentioning Double Occupancy!

  2. I am so glad to hear that Rio is coming out soon. Romantek books are my favorite dessert.

  3. Another great dinner, Trish! I especially loved the dessert! Can’t wait to read this one. I’ve loved all the others as you know. And Double Occupancy sounds like a sexy little book I should read as well. Great post!

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