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book gourmetWelcome back to The Book Gourmet, your weekly look at books and a little bit about my current events.

First Course – The Amuse Bouche

Tag lines to tickle your tastebuds.

My Vacation in Rio (as yet unpublished – by Patricia Green): Things can get deadly fast in a dream.

Designing Woman (by Elaine Raco Chase): A Saint becomes fascinated with a sinner.

cover: coach's disciplineSecond Course – The Appetizer

Are you an exercise enthusiast? No? (Me, either, though I really love sports.) Maybe romance books are more your thing. (Mine, too.) If you like spanking romances, then I have one for you. It’s The Coach’s Discipline by Katherine Deane. Published by Stormy Night Publications, it was released last July. It tells the story of Claire Jacobs, marathon runner, who finds herself a coach of a different kind – the spanking kind. Their love affair will keep you entertained for hours. It has a five star rating on Amazon, on 24 reviews. Pick it up here. (Also available as an Audible book.)

Third Course – The Entrée

Continuing on with my focus on the Romantek series, the last one published was Eddie, My Love. It tells the story of Eddie and June, who meet and fall in love in a dream, while solving a murder mystery. It’s fun, set in the 1950s, and will pull you right along with the couple as they play gritty detectives of the film noir variety.

Here’s one of its five star Amazon reviews:

cover: eddie my love“I really and truly enjoyed this Romantek adventure. The story was great along with the adventure, romance and just the right amount erotica. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did. It is a definite recommendation.” ~ TiltedHalo54 “deb” See the review here.

Thank you, Deb!

Fourth Course – The Dessert

I’ve begun working on a new book. This one’s a contemporary murder mystery, and involves some interesting people – drag queens. Our two detectives must work with them to find out whodunit. I don’t want to create caricatures of these colorful people, so I’m trying to pin a few down to interview them. It’s remarkably difficult to do, which sort of surprised me. Nevertheless, somehow, some way, I will make their experiences come to life on the pages of this book. The working title is currently, “Fallen Queen.” I’m hoping to sell this one to an entirely different publisher, one who likes erotic murder mysteries. But first, to write the thing!


  1. Such a great meal today, Trish! I’m really looking forward to your new venture with “Fallen Queen.” Sounds most intriguing. Good luck and happy writing!

  2. Love reading The Book Gourmet…so many wonderful books highlighted and added to my menu! Congrats! Great job!

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