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First Course — The Amuse Bouche

The Trail Master’s Bride (by Maddie Taylor): “The west is no place for a young, newly single woman, and the job of keeping Mina safe—and keeping her in line—falls to Weston Carr, the rugged trail master.”

Return (by Alexis Alvarez):  “A romance author bases her book’s hero on a sexy dom, and he requests a very specific payback…”

Second Course — The Appetizer

Songbird coverRachel De Vine (author of four popular books) has a new book out on market as of tomorrow, September 4. It’s called Songbird, and tells the story of a dom with a hurdle to leap when he finds the woman of his dreams, but learns that she’s got some hangups that would prevent them ever getting together. In the meantime, all he can do is listen to her lovely voice and admire her. The action often takes place in a nightclub, owned by another man who has some problems of his own. He’s got a wife and a lover and it jeopardizes his relationship with his daughter. Snag a copy of Rachel’s book tomorrow and hear the sweet tones of her songbird as you imagine the music in the book. It will be available at Amazon and Blushing Books.

Third Course — The Entrée

Not an official cover picture.
Not an official cover picture.

I’m pleased to announce my new affiliation with Decadent Publishing. You might recall that I was going to drop publication of the Sonata’s Moon serial set (two books). The project was daunting, and I’m both not good at self-publishing and not convinced it’s worth it for me. As it turned out, the person who edited the books for me when I was looking to self-publish, Kate Richards of Wizards in Publishing, happened to be affiliated with Decadent Publishing as their Executive Editor. She loved Sonata’s Moon and wanted me to submit it to Decadent. She was certain it would be snapped up. It was! So this week, I signed two contracts with Decadent, agreeing to publish Sonata’s Moon, Book One: Surface and Sonata’s Moon, Book Two: Sanctuary with them. They are being processed now, and I have no firm release date yet. I’ll keep you posted.

Fourth Course — The Dessert

Did you follow my recent blog tour? It was an unmitigated disaster, I’m unhappy to report. Forty percent of the bloggers who agreed to feature Striker simply didn’t post. I was so dismayed; why would people agree and then not follow through? Sizzling PR was not responsible; they can’t make people do what they agree to. But I found it disappointing and upsetting. If you tried to follow in order to participate in The Name Game contest, you would have been hard-pressed to do it. I gave out a $5 gift certificate to the winner instead, and will be offering The Name Game again in the near future for my blog/newsletter subscribers. If you haven’t subscribed yet, please consider it now. (Subscription form, upper right.)

Thanks for reading The Book Gourmet this week! I wish you a pleasant weekend ahead. Happy Labor Day.


  1. I thought I recently read that Decadent closed their doors. Maybe I misread it. Anyway I’m looking forward to you new books, especially Rio. Hugs

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