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Hello and welcome to Six of the Best on Patricia Green Books. The Six of the Best hop allows authors to share six paragraphs from a published work or work in progress with you every Sunday. I have a lot of books to share, but I’d like to offer one more look at Rescued by the Spy.

In this segment, Nina–captured by evil-doers and set up for auction–doesn’t yet know the power of her task masters, as her bravado shows.


Laricon was smiling, his yellow, crooked teeth making the expression malevolent. “Well said, Michael, my boy. You know this young lady from where?”

“Back when I was in Command Security, sir. During the Martian Conflict. She was a reservist. Had the hots for me, and so I fucked her one night. Left the next morning. That was it.”

“I see.” Laricon nodded. He turned to Nina. “Are you still in Command Security, girl? Don’t lie because I will find out, and the consequences will be…well, draconian.”

“No,” she answered succinctly. And when Laricon raised an eyebrow, she glared, but said, “No, sir.”

“Very well. Turn around.”

“Suck rocks…sir,” she replied.

Michael is going to have a tough time taming “Nitro Nina” while keeping his spying mission secret. In the meantime, Laricon, grinning his evil grin, is going to make sure they both squirm just for the pure fun of it.

If you’d like to read more Rescued by the Spy you can find an extended excerpt here, or pick up a sample of the book from Amazon.

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  1. Nitro Nina is my kind of gal. I’d never have the courage to tell someone to “suck rocks,” but there are times I’d really like to.

  2. Ha! Love it 😀 The way they talk about her, her “suck rocks” comment. Wonderful snippet

  3. Suck rocks. That is a pretty great comeback, I might steal it 🙂 She does sound very sassy and hard to tame, my favorite kind of heroine!

  4. Loved this book! And after that snippet, I’ve got to go back and read it again. 🙂

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