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Are you familiar with the 1 Night Stand series from Decadent Publishing? It’s a wonderful, sexy but romantic set of novellas by some great authors. They’re well edited, beautifully produced and cleverly written. Today I’m spotlighting one of the 1 Night Stand novellas, The Naughty Angel by Shiela Stewart. I love angel stories — possibly the only paranormal stories I really enjoy — and this one has an angel and demon in conflict, despite romantic circumstances.

Here’s a little bit about the book:

ss_The Naughty Angel_MDEven the good turn bad sometimes.

A life of servitude to God has left Ariel Raine feeling worn out. Being an Angel isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Day in day out of the same routine tends to get tedious. Wanting some spice in her life, she sets her mind on discovering the allure of a sexual encounter. With the help of Madam Eve and her 1 Night Stand dating services, Ariel is about to have her world rocked.

Only one problem is…her match is a demon.

Edison Grey has relied on a dating service to claim minions for not only him, but for his master Satan as well. 1 Night Stand just happens to be this week’s preference. No use wasting a good service, Edison decides to have a little fun while he’s at it.

Stripping an angel of her purity is an added bonus.

What happens between Ariel and Edison is a surprise to both of them. Even with the threat of punishment looming over top of them.

And now you want an excerpt! Here’s a good one:

His foul aura struck her as if he had slapped her in the face. Edison Grey, the man she had admired in the photo, was none other than her sworn enemy, yet despite his evil persona, he was still beautiful to her. “You’re a demon!”

“And you are an angel.” Even his deep, husky voice was pleasing, despite his growl.

“There’s no need to say it with such disdain.”

He leaned against the jamb and lifted one eyebrow. “It’s how I feel for your kind.”

“My kind? You are the scourge of the earth.” How was it possible she’d been paired with him?

“Right. And your kind is perfect. I think not.”

“We do not claim what is not ours to take.”

“No, you possess the bodies of innocent souls to do your bidding.”

“They offer their service to the Lord.”

“Yes, ‘offer.’” He made air quotations with his index fingers. “I think we should discuss this in privacy.” He motioned to a couple who stood staring across the hall, then yanked her into the suite, and shut the door.

“Release me!” She was both aroused and repulsed by his touch. Oddly, his hands were smooth and not rough, as she had expected. “At least we give our hosts a choice. You take over their body without asking first.” How could she be attracted to such an abomination?

“Semantics. Now, isn’t this interesting. You and me, here, on a date.”

She wanted to wipe the smirk off his face. “This is a mistake. Madame Evangeline has made an error. I couldn’t be matched with such a detestable creature.”

“Pot calling the kettle black there, sweet cheeks.” She touched her face, confused. “Not those.” He motioned to her backside.

Her face heated. “How dare you!”

“What? You came here to fuck, right?”

His candor appalled her. “Must you be so vulgar?”

“It’s how I roll, sugar. Did you expect your date not to admire your body?”

“I did…well, I assumed he would. That’s not the point.” Great, now she felt hot all over. “Keep your eyes to yourself.”

“Happy to.” He let out a long breath. “So…now what?”

“I leave.”

“Good luck with that. Storm’s brewing, and they will have shut the roads down until it clears. I hear it could be several days.”

“I have other ways of leaving.” A simple wish and she could be anywhere. No storm could prevent her from returning to heaven.

“Huh, that’s a new one. A cowardly angel.”

How dare he insult her. She was brave and had even been praised for her courage on more than one occasion. “I am not a coward!”

“If you leave, you are.”

“What do you suggest? I stay here, with you?” It was laughable.

“That was the plan.”

“I have no desire to spend time with the enemy.” What an atrocious idea.

“Come on. It might be fun.” He stepped toward her—no, it was more like he slithered toward her. His moves were so smooth, effortless. “I’ll tell you some secrets of my domain, and you can tell me some of yours.”

His smile made her knees a little weak. Still, this particular charmer came with fangs. “I have no intention of sharing anything with you, let alone secrets.” She turned to the door, ready to leave until Edison made clucking noises behind her. Spinning around, furious, she glared at him. “What are you insinuating?”

“I’m not insinuating. I’m putting it right out there. You’re a chicken. You do know what that term means don’t you, angel?”

She didn’t like his attitude one bit. “Of course I know what it means, demon.” Her wings snapped out and pointed at him.

“Ooh, she has a temper. Okay, then, prove you aren’t a chicken.” His lashes fell over heavy, seductive eyes. He leaned in a little closer and whispered in a low, sexy voice, “Stay the night with me.”

Despite the flutter in her heart, she stood her ground. “I will do no such thing.”

She wanted to rip his tongue out when he made that infernal clucking noise again. But there was no way she was walking away with him thinking her a coward. She did have pride, after all. “All right. I will stay, but you keep your distance.” She pulled her wings back in and grabbed her bag. She huffed, as she made her way to the sitting area.

“Party pooper. I don’t know about you, but I could use a stiff one,” he said.

“Stiff one?”

His brilliant blue eyes glowed. “A drink, strong drink. Would you care for a stiff one?”

“I don’t drink alcohol.”

“I wasn’t referring to booze that time, sweetie.” He clutched his crotch, his tone mocking her.

“You’re disgusting.” She didn’t know why that surprised her. His kind were vulgar, repulsive, crude, and despicable, just to name a few of their better qualities. Ariel took a seat on the sofa and watched him carefully. She never let her guard down in front of an enemy.

Laughing, he poured his drink, then much to her surprise, plopped down beside her. “Should we see what’s on TV?”

“Do as you wish. I have no desire to partake in such mundane festivities.”

“My, that stick up your ass is jammed in there tight.”

“I have no stick up my…derriere, and how dare you insinuate such a thing.”

He patted her leg and made her pulse speed up. “Oh darling, you are too much fun. Okay, let’s see what we have here.”

Now it’s time to one-click The Naughty Angel. It’s available as an ebook. Go to these fine distributors to get yours:


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And now a little bit about Shiela.

Raised on a rural farm in Saskatchewan, Canada, Shiela Stewart relied on her vivid imagination to fill her days. Never did she realize that her need to tell a story would someday lead to becoming a published author.

In the fall of two thousand and six, Shiela published her very first book and she hasn’t stopped since.

When not writing, Shiela spends time with the love of her life and biggest supporter, William. She enjoys doting on her children and granddaughter. She has a strong affection for animals which is evident in the five cats, one dog, plenty of fish and one turtle she owns.

Some of her other passions are home décor, crocheting and knitting.

Where to find Shiela:

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