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First Course — The Amuse Bouche

Asanni (The Langaer Chronicles Book 1) (by J. F. Kaufmann): “A werewolf and a wizardess… A mortal enemy… An epic battle… An immortal love…”

Master of Two (by Patricia Green): “Kevin, Renee, Amiko and Ross embark on a race to reunite BDSM lovers. Can they do it?”

renee - Master of TwoSecond Course — The Appetizer

Having begun a little tour into my BDSM works on Sunday, I’d like to follow up with a mini-spotlight on another of my free BDSM short stories on the site. This one tells the story of Renee McNamara’s beginning of a BDSM life. You met the man of her heart when you read Kevin’s story this past Sunday (“Kevin: A Man of Discipline”) but now you might want to see how they find their way to a new, challenging, but loving relationship. Renee is a sweet woman who got tangled up in some bad situations, but she’s nearly instantly smitten with successful, dominant Kevin Watson, PhD. In her short story, you can find out how that works out.

Get it here, free, in two parts: “Renee: His Good Girl.”

100 Dollar and Fire 10 GiveawayThird Course — The Entrée

I like to serve up a robust entree, even with a four course meal. Today, I have something amazing for you. A giveaway! Not just any giveaway, but a giveaway where the prize is $100 PLUS a Kindle 10” Tablet. Yes, you win both! Follow the link from the picture and use the Rafflecopter to enter. This raffle is sponsored by the author-contributors at A Girl and Her Ebooks.

50 Dollar GiveawayFourth Course — The Dessert

As if the giveaway above isn’t enough… You also have the chance to win $50 in another A Girl and Her Ebooks giveaway! That’s right, two sponsored giveaways, and all you have to do is follow each Rafflecopter and enter.

What would you do with $50 or $100? If you say “buy books” I’d say we have a lot in common.