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amiko - Master of TwoYou’ve met Kevin, Ross and Renee; now meet Amiko, the linchpin on which the adventure in Master of Two turns. In this free short story on my site, you’ll find out where Amiko comes from, what drove her to become Kevin’s second girl, and why it suits her so well. I’ll warn you, though, this is an erotic, BDSM story, meant for those 18+ and does have some difficult concepts. It’s the last of the stories meant as companions to Master of Two

Here are my six paragraphs:

Paris! Finally, to be away from the convent, away from confinement and poverty.

She turned to hail a cab and was nearly felled by a man moving quickly through the throngs. Her purse, the only link between her and her new life as a student at the Sorbonne, left with the thug at a much greater rate than he had approached. Screaming, cursing, pleading, Amiko ran after the thief to no consequence. Suddenly, a large man came out of the crowd ahead and stuck out a beefy arm to halt the criminal.

Amiko’s papers, her small funds, addresses, proof of scholarship, everything that her life hinged upon was saved by this one act of heroism. To say that she was grateful to the man was a gross understatement. Innocently, she praised the big man who introduced himself as Marc Maroten. Ami further explained her circumstances to him, telling him in her academic French, that she had only just arrived in Paris for the first time and would be seeking lodging near the University. Classes were due to start in three weeks. Did he know of a modest boarding house she might find near there?

Marc had immediately offered the lovely nineteen-year-old a suite in his home. He told her that he was a bachelor living in an old house that was really too big for him alone and yet was too valuable to be sold at the current market prices.

Master of TwoOver lunch, fascination for the man easily overcame Amiko’s reluctance to take such offers from strangers. He was large, but muscular, and well-groomed, with a dark beard and moustache and deep, deep brown eyes. His smile was engaging, and his sense of humor was universal. As it turned out, he owned an import/export business in Paris and had done considerable business in Japan. The smattering of Japanese he’d picked up worked into the conversation to help Amiko’s French.

In time, her fascination for Marc grew beyond her ability to restrain her curiosity. Staying in his home was comfortable, and though he was often busy and away, whenever he was home he was affectionate and teased her in ways she’d never experienced before. At first shy, Amiko learned accidentally that her nudity brought her greater attention from the big man, drawing his eyes as she walked from the bathroom to her bedroom one afternoon when she thought he was out. She’d gone beet red with embarrassment that time, but couldn’t seem to help herself and found herself seeking more opportunities to tease his gaze toward her.

I hope you enjoyed this taste of Amiko’s experiences. You will find more in the free short story, “Amiko: Adjustments” right here.

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  1. I agree with Jenna. I love the way Amiko is discovering her own sexuality. Well done.

  2. Great tease–both Amiko and your snippet! Well done for peaking our interest, Trish. 🙂

    • Thanks, Jenna. It was hard to find something from this story because it’s so darn sexual. I don’t like to post x-rated stuff on the front page of my blog and really had to search for something that was mild enough but still interesting. I’m glad I succeeded.

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