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Welcome to my home on the ‘net! I’m participating in the Six of the Best Hop once again, this week bringing you six paragraphs (very short, paragraphs, in fact) from my erotic, spanking romance book The Strong, Silent Type. It tells the story of convenience store clerk, Mae Weston, and Police Chief Drake Stillwater. It all starts with Mae thwarting a store robbery…

Cover: Strong, Silent TypeHer eyes–light violet eyes–flicked to him, back to the person on the floor, and then back to him.

He spoke more gently. “Put it down on the counter, Ms. Weston. Then step back.”

Her look went back to the floor. “He might not be dead.”

“I’ll check once you put the gun down. Do it. Do it now.

She remained completely focused on her target. “You’ll shoot him if he tries anything?”

He kept his voice calm, soothing. “I’ll keep you safe. I don’t want to tell you again.”

To read the extended excerpt, go here. The book blurb and buy links are on this page. Or you can follow the link above and go right to the Amazon page. Take a look at the page of your choice, and then hop along to the other Six of the Best authors’ sites. Thank you for joining me today!


  1. I remember this one, and I agree you shared an excellent excerpt, Trish.

  2. Great excerpt! This little snippet is packed with action and characters you instantly want to get to know better. Well, done, Trish! Certainly six of the best!

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