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First Course – The Amuse Bouche

The Unbraiding of Anna Brown (by Amelia Smarts) The gentle ways Anna witnessed from the cowboy were buried with his wife.

Disciplining Demi (by Ivy Killian) Love at first sight exists for those who walk along the shores of Dolphin Island.

sinful cover faulknerSecond Course – The Appetizer

One of the most inspirational authors for me as I was beginning to write spanking romance was Carolyn Faulkner. Her stories were highly entertaining, engaging, sexy, and they took me to a new realm: spanking romance. I doubt I would have traveled down the route I took without her prodigious example. In fact, when I first wrote for Blushing Books, I had the temerity to say that someday, “I’d like to be as prolific as Carolyn Faulkner.” That was a pretty cocky statement, but I’ve been working toward that goal over the course of the last five years. (Before that, I was working a full-time job and wrote when I had a chance, so produced books quite slowly.)

Carolyn has a new book out, called Sinful. It’s the story of a woman who is raised in a strict, religious household. Her every move is defined by her parents’ interpretation of faith. She leaves, but the past still lingers within her. As she’s working on this, she meets a man who becomes her world. The only problem is that he’s strict, too. At the same time, that strictness isn’t the same as what she grew up in—instead it’s sexy and in some ways, empowering. The question is, will his stern behavior trigger her need to get away, or will the love he shows her be enough to let her be herself and give her submission freely?

My Vacation In Rio CoverThird Course – The Entrée

My Vacation in Rio: Romantek has had a number of five star reviews, thus far. Here’s a quote from one (it’s a long-ish review) that really made my day.

“… These two together, sizzled with chemistry. I loved the domination and submission, and yum- I really loved the spankings.

But this book wasn’t just great chemistry and well written characters. It also had a tremendous, action packed plot, that kept me reading through the night. I HAD to finish this book, and find out if Serge was going to be all right. …” ~Katherine Deane,

For the whole review, go here. Thank you, Katherine. Your kind words inspire me to persist. I’m delighted that I could entertain you so well.

Fourth Course – The Dessert

As you know, I’m released from writing for the rest of the year. (Husband-enforced vacation.) But that doesn’t mean I don’t have new books in the works. I just found out yesterday that the first book in the Sonata’s Moon serial set will be out sometime next week. It’s in it’s final round of editing. Decadent Publishing does several editing passes; this book is going to be perfect when they’re done. I’ll share a little snippet with you here.

The stresses of the ongoing war made people restless and eager for some diversion from the horrors. Sex offered a natural outlet for most people, and a relatively safe one, thanks to scientific advances made during the previous century. Unless committed to another person in an exclusive relationship, anyone was available should they desire it so. Cyclical as these things were, Mikhail’s understanding of history suggested another era of “free love,” during his lifetime.

“Hi, Sonata. Where’s Charles?” Mikhail asked, noting the smooth skin of her face and imagining the weight of her breasts in his broad hands. The room seemed a little warm.

“Charles who?” she replied, batting her eyelashes in mock ignorance as she looked up at him. Mikhail smiled. Thank you, Sol. Sonata’s welcome made Mikhail’s breath catch silently.

“Pardon me if I seem nosy, but have you stopped seeing Charles?” Please let the answer be yes, Sol, please.

“Not exactly. He had other plans for tonight, and I wasn’t interested in a threesome.” Her sparkling green eyes told him to drop the subject, and he did so—gratefully.

I hope you’re now wondering where this is going. The book is a full-length romance novel, set in the future during an awful war. People are desperate to make connections, grasping at anything and anyone to find comfort. Sonata and Mikhail each need the solace of a life-changing love. But will they find it with each other, or with someone else?

I’ll keep you posted on a release date, and perhaps I’ll soon have some cover art to share.