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  • This is Ken sitting in the living room, doing what he does best -- reading news on his iPad.
  • Here is our dining room. It has four chairs, but it could easily seat six. We have friends coming to visit from L.A., and business meetings, so it will be useful to spread things out.
  • This is our office area of the suite. Notice that my laptop is ready for action.
  • Here's a photo of me, playing with my camera using a "wide angle selfie" setting. Alvin the Chipmunk has nothing on my cheeks.

Hello everyone — Merry Christmas!

As mentioned in a previous post, my husband and I are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary in Las Vegas for two weeks. We’re staying at the Venetian hotel, which is an all-suite hotel right on the Las Vegas strip. We got what — for us — is a luxury, second-honeymoon type of room. I think it’s bigger than our condo at home. I’m sharing a few pictures.

We got in late last night, so not much more to report, but I’m sure I’ll have more pictures to share next week.

The first picture is of Ken in the living room of the suite. It’s massive — the picture doesn’t do it justice. It’s quite elegant, though I could wish for some brighter flashes of color. However, I’m not known for my decorating sense.

The next picture is of our dining room. It has four chairs and a very large table, but could easily seat six. We have friends coming over from L.A. to spend time with us, as well as business meetings (it’s always something), so we’ll make good use of it.

The third picture is of the office. It’s a well-lit area and as you can see, my laptop is ready to get to work.

The last picture is of me, playing with my phone which has a “wide angle selfie” feature I’ve never used before. Alvin the Chipmunk has nothing on me — check out those cheeks!

I’ll try to get a nice view picture when the strip is all lit up tonight.

Have a very lovely holiday, no matter what you celebrate. The Winter Solstice was December 22, so we’re well on our way to summer! Yay!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Have a great time. The suite looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

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