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On the occasion of my birthday…

It’s easy to feel negative about what’s going on in your world. It’s easy to feel oppressed and down when faced with daily concerns. But imagine all the good that’s going on around you. Imagine, and feel love, hope, and joy for your fellow man, because:

Somewhere in the world, someone has won the lottery;
Someone has given birth to a healthy baby;
Someone got a promotion at work;
Someone has patented a ground-breaking invention;
Somewhere, a child has been cured of cancer;
Somewhere, an elder dandles a smiling great grandchild;
Somewhere, a rescue dog has found a good home;
And, somewhere, someone has fed the hungry.

Take a few moments to revel in these happy events. Allow a smile of shared joy to sit on your lips. The goodness in you has reached out and found the sweetness of life. Live unselfishly and happiness can be yours.

Thanks for being part of my joy,