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Cover: Kiki's Millionaire

Kiki Mackenzie is a woman who struggles to do it all herself. She doesn’t want help, even when things go wrong. She’s lovely, but not perfect, and has an unfortunate tendency to be a potty-mouth. On the day that she meets computer genius and mega-rich guy Jim Chesterfield, she’s having a meltdown over a computer glitch. He steps in to help her and something happens that lights up the night like a neon cupid. When he spanks her, her excitement level shoots through the roof, and she quickly learns to crave more.

Jim Chesterfield is successful and good looking. Women aren’t shy about currying his favor, but he really wants to be loved for himself, not his money. His wife, Isabella, loved him just for him and when she died, he was devastated. Two years later, when he meets Kiki, he finds out that she hates his money, won’t accept it, and doesn’t want to play that game. She even responds well to the spankings he metes out: she gets mighty hot and bothered by them.

M/F, Contemporary Erotic Romance, Spanking

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