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Cover: Liv's Journey Blushing BooksLiv Aune loves to eat, and she hates to eat. In her recent past, she was a runway supermodel but now showcases plus-sized clothing. Struggling with her personal demon, she finds she has to deal with another problem: a paparazzo snapped a very incriminating photo of her being spanked and it’s bound to be the end of her career.

Trey Journey believes it unfair to inflict his dangerous military lifestyle on a wife and kids. But when he meets Liv, he’s torn. She needs his help and he’s not afraid to use corporal discipline to aid her through her tough inner struggles. Furthermore, he’s inclined stand up for her with the slimy photographer though she resists his help.

Liv and Trey take their mutual attraction to sexy, spanking, new heights, but they each have doubts about the longevity of their relationship. Both want something permanent and abiding, but don’t believe it’s right for the other person. They have to find their balancing point, the place where spanking discipline meets spanking pleasure.

M/F Contemporary Western Spanking Romance

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