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Cover: Spanking Her Highness
Spanking Her Highness
Copyright ©2012-2015 Patricia Green and Blushing Books
All rights reserved.

The sound of Will’s jeep on the tarmac road leading up to the big house lit a tiny spark in her chest, but she tamped it down. He was a Hollywood city slicker. He didn’t know about ranching and didn’t belong in Texas. Certainly, his tendency to boss her around was unwelcome. At least, that’s what she tried to convince herself. That he was handsome and smart didn’t mean anything. His refusal to go away negated all that good stuff.

She continued to play, moving on to an Irish reel, as he walked up, the heels of his shiny, too-new cowboy boots thudding dully on the pavement. Her pair of Jack Russells went wild at his approach, jumping and barking frantically. He bent toward Lucy and Ethel and gave them each a dog biscuit. They took the treats and brought them back to the porch, too busy munching on their goodies to be a deterrent. Traitors.


Mr. Mazie.” She didn’t look up.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were happy to see me.”

Her bow scraped as she shot him a look. “I’m glad you know better.” She played several staccato notes, rather sharper than she’d like, then lowered the fiddle to her lap. “Why are you here?”

“The same reason I’ve been here the last five days. I want to see your father.”

“He’s not available.” She couldn’t see his eyes behind his reflective sunglasses, but a small smile lifted the corners of his mouth. As if on cue, Leo Journey’s big pickup truck rolled past the side of the house and away down the road.

Will pushed a lock of auburn hair off his forehead, but the breeze blew it right back. He ought to wear a hat in the bright sun. “I guess it’s just you and me again, in that case.”

“Not for long, asshole. I think you were on your way back to your car.” Will’s grin was wide and he actually chuckled. Queenie bristled. “I keep tellin’ you that he’s not gonna see you until he’s good and ready, but you keep comin’ back. What the hell is wrong with you?”

“I told you two days ago that a woman as pretty as you shouldn’t have such a dirty mouth. I see that you didn’t listen.”

Queenie stopped playing and glared at him. It was so frustrating not to see his eyes. “I don’t have to listen to you, you, you, jerk! You are not the boss of me, Will Mazie!”

There was a buzzing, chiming sound and Will’s forehead crinkled with a frown as he pulled his cellphone from his pocket. He looked at it, still ringing, and pressed a button. The chiming stopped and he put the phone away again.

Queenie fleetingly wondered who’d be calling him so early in the morning. Did he have a girlfriend? She knew he didn’t have a wife; she’d have heard about that at church. He was from Hollywood, so he could have pretty much any kind of significant other, however. What the hell did she care, anyway? He was a bossy jackass, and she didn’t care a fig if he had a harem.

He nodded to her violin as it rested on her lap. “For a person who has the self-discipline to play so well, you sure don’t have a curb on your behavior. Maybe you need a dose of self-control.”

She stood and put the fiddle on the seat of her chair. “If you threaten to spank me again, I’m gonna-”
“What? Screech at me some more? Cuss at me like a sailor?” He was still grinning. “I’d say you have those things covered. I don’t see that I have much to lose, frankly.”

“Why you arrogant asshole!” She rushed him and got in his face. “You think you’re so cool, buyin’ the old Caswell ranch and movin’ in with your Hollywood polish and your fancy fuckin’ plans for the place. Well, I’ll tell you somethin’, piss head, you don’t know the first thin’ about ranchin’, and you’ll be here less than six months before you make a ruin of the place. You goddamned city jerks think you know everythin’!”

Will whipped off his glasses, and Queenie smothered a little gasp at his eyes. They were piercing blue, like cobalt laser beams staring directly at her. Dark lashes framed them and the beginnings of crow’s feet teased the outside edges. They were amazing eyes, and they were smoldering. “You talk too much,” he told her, dragging her into his arms.

The kiss was unexpected, and Queenie opened her mouth to protest, but couldn’t quite get the objection out. After a moment, she didn’t want to. His tongue was forceful, alternating with his teeth against her lips. She found herself responding, while at the same time, she chided herself for being perverse. She hated Will Mazie. Hated him! He was everything she didn’t like in a man–bossy, dominant, arrogant. In fact, he shared many traits with her brothers. But that was different. She loved her brothers. They were always there for her. Anyway, it didn’t bear examining at the moment.

His hands were warm against the small of her back, and his belly hard against hers as he pressed her closer. She couldn’t think, she was nothing but one great big nerve, feeling with her whole being. As he slowly broke their kiss, she was surprised to find her hands in his hair, pulling his head down to hers.

Goddamn it! She stepped back and drew back her hand, slapping him on the cheek with all her might.

M/F Contemporary, Spanking, Erotic, Romance

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