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Glee Elizabeth Montrose is an eccentric heiress with an entourage consisting of two eunuchs and a mute maid. A confirmed “bachelor,” she’s traveling across the US to escape Boston’s restrictive culture and an unpleasant reunion with the Sultan of Constantinople. Her goal is to reach her inherited rancho in California where she can finish writing her father’s final book manuscript in peace.

Esteban Garcia is an alleged murderer being dragged across the US by a drunken bounty-hunter/trail guide. Garcia insists that he is a victim of mistaken identity and is Alejandro Pacheco, owner of a rancho in northern California.

Attracted as she is to Esteban/Alejandro, Glee remains unsure whether to believe him or not. Is he a despicable murderer and thief, or is he a devilishly handsome, well-educated Californio?

Sparks and embers burn between them, but doubt and circumstances could easily doom their burgeoning relationship.

M/F, Traditional Spicy Historical Romance

Read an excerpt.

Find out more about the characters. (Warning: spoilers.)

This story is unavailable at online distributors. It was previously published by New Dawning, but I recently got the rights back. It will be heavily revised, then re-published in 2016, by me.