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A Mouse in His Pocket CoverMy first Christmas story, A Mouse in His Pocket is now available at Bethany’s Woodshed. This story is not only unique for me because it’s about Christmas, but also because it is not erotic. That’s right, no sex. Instead there is lots and lots of romance, and some good, old-fashioned domestic discipline in a very wholesome setting.

Here’s a little teaser:

Art student, Jenny Cooper, has been focused on her sculpture and studies exclusively, spending no time finding or nurturing a relationship with a boyfriend. She thinks of herself as mousy and drab, uninteresting to men. The Christmas season cheers her and puts a spring in her step.

Professor Buck Stillwater, eldest of the Stillwater siblings, is crazy about Jenny right from the beginning. If she’s mousy, it is in the most cute and lovable way, and so he nicknames her Mouse. He’d like their relationship to be lasting and satisfying, and he considers giving her an engagement ring as a Christmas present.

Unfortunately, Jenny has this tendency to get herself in trouble. Her insecurity is one problem, and it isn’t helped by foolishly putting herself in dangerous situations. Buck isn’t likely to let her get away with these misbehaviors, and spanks her when she needs it. But, she makes the ultimate mistake of disrespecting Buck in the most undeniable way. He’s hurt and she is sick with guilt. She accepts her painful punishment, knowing that she’ll be a better person and back in Buck’s good graces when it’s over. Christmas will be full of presents that year.

Hop on over to SpankBlog for more info and to get your subscription to Bethany’s Woodshed so you won’t miss all the fun!

More about Mouse on Friday, so come on back for a surprise!


  1. Thanks, Criss! I hope you enjoy Mouse. It’s a story near and dear to my heart; one of the most romantic I’ve written.

    Have a wonderful holiday season!

  2. Hey Patricia! I really like the cover, very pretty! A little spanking when your being too naughty can be a good thing. Its been a really long time since I’ve read any fiction romance without sex, but ’tis’ the season so a sweet romance is right up my alley. Happy Holidays!

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