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Travis Dorsett, aka The Mountain, has a problem: he needs to get married in order to score a lucrative business contract. He doesn’t need the money, but it galls him that his rival is making headway toward getting the contract for himself. When Travis meets Jamie Miracle, a janitor at his firm, he is immediately struck with the number of ways she’s perfect for the position of wife-of-convenience.

Jamie has her own issues to work out, not the least of which is the ocean of debts she’s stuck with after her ex-husband left her high and dry. But the idea of marrying a stranger, even one as attractive and rich as Travis Dorsett, doesn’t sit well.

It turns out that they have a secret in common: spanking. She’s fascinated by it, though hasn’t experienced it before Travis, and he knows his way around a paddle pretty well.

I loved this story by Maren Smith and rushed right out to the Kindle store to buy another. Her characters are rich and lively, her settings clear and well-conceived, and she includes fun and believable plots in her books.

I do not know Ms. Smith either personally or professionally, but as a fellow spanking romance author, I feel strongly that she is a capable and talented writer. I highly recommend this book.

You can buy it here, in Kindle format, from Amazon.


  1. I like Maren’s stuff too but hadn’t heard of this one yet. Thanks for the review. I’ll be having to look this one up.

  2. Great review, Trish. Makes me want to go right to the Kindle store as well. The characters, as you describe them, seem very believable, very personable. And the plot is intriguing as well. So many possibilities from this premise. I’m glad to have been introduced to this author.

    • Maren Smith is really very good. I was pleasantly surprised. In fact, I’m reading an historical by her now–My Lady Robin Hood. It’s also a spanking novel, but with a fine plot. The proofreading isn’t perfect in this particular novel, but nothing that can’t be ignored. Yesterday, I read her book The Mountain Man, and was impressed with that as well.

      I love finding new authors. I tend to rush right out and buy up their back list. Of course, then I have to find another new author. It’s a mixed blessing.

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