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Cover: Laricon's WaysI am so excited! The publisher with whom I’ve had the longest relationship–Renaissance E Books, Sizzler Editions–had a new cover created for my erotic, sci-fi romance book, Laricon’s Ways. This is a truly superior cover, so much better than the original one, and one I can be very proud to share.

I hope you “like” it, too.

Links to all info about the book can be found right here on my site. I’ll be featuring it prominently throughout March during both 6 Sentence Sunday and Horny Hump Day posts. It’s a M/F/F erotic, sci-fi romance, with BDSM undercurrents.


  1. Gorgeous cover, Patricia! Hot! As is the book itself. I read it about a year ago when I was in bed with back trouble–hardly noticed my back the whole time because of the vividly erotic story. Michael is quite a hero. Great job.

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