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Thank you for coming by, dear 6 Sentence Sunday folks. I hate to disappoint you — which, I know, is sort of flattering myself, but you know what I mean — but I am resigning from 6 Sentence Sunday for the foreseeable future. I found that it was taking too much of my weekend time. I write very intensely, Monday through Friday, all day, and my weekends are down time I can ill afford to miss. Consequently, traveling all around the ‘net every Sunday, reading all your yummy offerings was taking hours out of my life that I need just to recuperate from the rest of the week.

I totally appreciate the support and encouragement I’ve gotten from you all, and I wish you the very best in all your endeavors. I hope that some of you will choose to stick around and follow this yellow brick road toward Oz with me. I will continue to post sexy snippets on Horny Hump Day (Wednesdays), which better fits in with my work week.

My best to you all.