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Cover: Snowy and the Seven WharvesDon’t miss your chance to get a free copy of Snowy and the Seven Wharves, my erotic fairy tale from New Dawning Bookfair. It’s free at Amazon this weekend (Mar. 24-26) only! Free, free, free!


Snowy is fair and sweet with ruby lips and hair as black as coal. Doc DuMont is the tall, broad-shouldered WITSEC marshal who’s going to save her from her evil stepmother. Doc finds Snowy irresistible, sexy and oh so tantalizing. He wants to both save her and seduce her. The trick is figuring out which to do first.

No dwarves here, but seven wharves where Ms. White finds herself experiencing life on the run. From identity to identity, job to job, dopey, grumpy, sneezy, bashful and sleepy, Snowy finds herself in new and challenging situations. She thinks she’s finally found her happy place, but her evil stepmother isn’t far behind, and determined to murder the innocent Snow White. Doc will have something to say about that!

M/F, contemporary, erotic fractured fairy tale romance. (You have to supply your own dwarves.)

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