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UPDATE: The winner of the birthday blog hop on THIS blog is Patricia! Congratulations, Patricia! (I chose this person at random through, and she randomly has the same name as me. LOL) I’ll post the grand prize winners as soon as I have them.

Birthday Blog HopWelcome to the 2012 Birthday Blog Hop! It’s not my birthday until July, but today and tomorrow I’d like to celebrate everyone’s birthday. My birthday gift to one lucky commentor will be a $10 Blushing Books Gift Certificate. Here’s how to get it:

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If you follow those two instructions, you’ll be entered in the $10 Blushing Books Gift Certificate drawing. The winner will be chosen among qualifying entries through

Cover: Liv's Journey Blushing BooksNow, for my birthday entry. My most recent release is from Blushing Books, and it’s called Liv’s Journey. It is the erotic romance story of large-size model Liv Aune, and Army Major Trey Journey. They find their way through some conflicts and lots of sexy spankings, but eventually, there’s a satisfying happy ending. In the novella, we learn that Trey is often stationed in Afghanistan.

Army Soldier - Trey JourneyOn Liv’s birthday, after several months of separation, Trey leaves her a voicemail from his post far away.

Hey there, darlin’…

It’s your birthday and it kills me not to be there for you. Things here are static for a time, but we’re expectin’ trouble from the bad guys sometime in the next few days. What I wouldn’t give to be home in Texas with you today instead. It’s my job, though, and one I usually enjoy. I guess I haven’t gotten over bein’ a kid playin’ soldiers.

Remember your last birthday? Maybe the best part of that day was our private celebration. Remember the cake smeared all over your nipples? I remember real well! That was some deeelicious frostin’. The sweet smell of you haunts me like a memory I can’t quite capture.

I want to be there with you, lickin’ you all over and smackin’ that saucy behind of yours. Watchin’ it grow bright and hot would turn me crazy. It always does.

Well, darlin’, I have to go supervise a drill. I miss you. Afghanistan is no place to be spendin’ your wife’s birthday.

Like Josh Turner sings, “I wouldn’t be a man, if I didn’t feel like this…

“Rock and roll with me baby all night long; Soul to soul with me baby all night long.”

All night long, that’s what I want, Liv.

Happy birthday, baby.

I love you.

If you enjoyed this romantic birthday message, you’ll enjoy reading about how Liv and Trey found their love and conquered the issues that kept them apart. Liv’s Journey is available now on Blushing Books. It’s the first in the Journey family series.

But wait (cheesy pitchman voice), there’s more!

Commentors here will also be entered in the grand prize drawing for the whole blog hop! You can win a Kindle Touch or a $60 Amazon or B & N Gift Card. Plus, every blog you comment on gets you another chance to win prizes. Visit everyone! (list below)

Enjoy the hop!

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  4. I’m wishing I had a voice mail like that waiting for me, with a pick up time at the airport in about an hour later, LOL! Whew! Nice 😀

    Thank you so much for participating in this hop and for the awesome giveaway chance! I’m so happy to have found another new to me author!

    Happy Birthday to Carrie and to everyone celebrating an April birthday!

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  12. The b-day message was something different from the rest of the posts. I enjoyed it.

  13. I love Carrie Ann and I’m glad to wish her a HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday. And how sweet that she and her friends are giving away things on her special day.
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  20. Would love to read this book. I have added to my tbr wishlist.

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  22. Hello, this sounds like a good site to find a great good night story for me.

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  24. wow sound great and he really show his love for his lady love to read and blog on the book

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  30. Okay sorry if this is a repeat. My computer locked up for a minute so I can’t tell if the first comment went through or not. Love to win the certificate. I just picked up Liv’s Journey. Can’t wait to read it.

  31. I’ve signed up for the blog feed and the newsletter. I’d love to win a $10 certificate to Blushing Books. I just picked up Liv’s Journey can’t wait to read it.

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  33. Liv’s Journey sounds like an enjoyable story and one I am looking foreward to read.

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  35. What a great voicemail! That would be awesome. Thanks for the giveaway! Happy Birthday Carrie Ann! I subscribed to the blog and newsletter.

  36. Love the sexy message from Trey! Hope he gets home real soon–I’m sure Liv misses him just as much. Maybe a welcome home cake would be in order–with lots of icing. LOL Good luck on the blog hop, Patricia. 🙂

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