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Cover: Sexy Red Hood by Daryl DevoreCreative and exciting author, Daryl Devoré, joins me today. Over time, I’ve gotten to know Daryl a little bit. She’s about as nice a person as you could hope to meet, and she has a wicked sense of humor. After the Q & A, you’ll find info on all her books and an excerpt from Sexy Red Hood, her erotic fractured fairy tale.

Please tell readers a little about yourself, Daryl.

I’m Daryl Devoré an erotic romance writer. I live in Ontario, Canada with husband and pets. In the summer I like to garden. In the winter I hibernate.

I wish I could shake your hand! Welcome to Patricia Green Books!

What is your typical writing day?

Typical is not a word in my vocabulary. I sit down at laptop with a set goal in mind, turn the laptop on and my plan goes out the window. The absolute basics – check email and answer questions from cp (critique partner).

What I’d like it to be like – take ten minutes run through emails, another 10 minutes to clear unexpected things up and then 7 blissful hours of uninterrupted writing. (while bare-chested men hand me cold Diet Cokes and pieces of dark chocolate.)

Twenty minutes of drudgery leading to 7 hours of fun sounds good to me!

What is your favorite aspect of being a writer?

Writing the stories. It’s a challenge. I can get ideas from the dumbest places. I overhear someone say something and a plot pops into my head and then I have to try and figure it out. I once got an idea for the last line of a book and then had to figure out how to write the book to get it to that point.

What is your least favorite aspect of being a writer?

All the hard work. It’s really been a shock the past two years at how hard it is to write well and how much effort is needed in promoting oneself. I knew my first manuscript needed some help, but not that much. I’ve worked with a lot of experienced critique partners to learn how to fix the flaws in my writing, but I know I still have a ways to go.

Is there one kind of scene that you find more difficult to write than others?

The sex scenes. It’s taken awhile to overcome the “what will people think if I write this.”

I’m so surprised! Your sex scenes are terrific. You’d never know you had a shy streak in that regard.

What is the sexiest single sentence you ever wrote (published or unpublished)?

Gosh – that’s a tough one. I don’t know. Will have to go look for something. From my latest WIP – “Do you want it inside you – mercilessly driving you to a screaming orgasm?”

Whew! I’d love to read what led up to that.

What makes a romance hero “heroic” for you?

His nobility. Not in the sense of being a prince but a man who will stand up for what is right no matter the consequences. One that will be protective and passionate.

Do you prefer feisty heroines or heroines who are the strong quiet type?

Strong quiet heroines but that because of my personality. I am trying to work on creating a feisty heroine in the book I am working on.

Feisty is hard to do without having her be foolish or bratty. I’m sure you’ll do it, though.

Where can we find you on the web?

You can find me at –
Blog –
Facebook –
Twitter – @daryldevore
Google+ – Daryl Devore
Google+ Site –
Plus – Triberr, LinkedIn, SocialOmph, Amazon Author Central, Goodreads etc.

Here’s a blurb for Sexy Red Hood. (Excerpt follows.)

“Go save your Grandmother.” After learning her grandmother booked a cruise with a supposed gigolo and is squandering her inheritance, Esmeralda (Red) Hood boards Emerald Forest cruise ship to protect both.

Once there, Red slips and falls into the arms of Wilhelm Olf, a dark-eyed, continental who makes her body tingle. Stepping out of the elevator, she barges into Andrew Woodsman, a bumbling private school teacher on his first vacation cruise.

With her attention torn between the dissimilar but sexually-intriguing men and keeping watch over tequila drinking, rock wall climbing grandma, Red’s cruise is filled with fun and erotic fantasies.

Grandmother’s warning of Never trust a wolf in sheep’s clothing leaves Red confused. Later, when she wakes up in a utility closet, hands and feet bound and emerald necklace missing, Red discovers the man she suspected is not only innocent but also the one she loves.

And here’s an excerpt. Best get yourself a fan.

The glass sliding doors to the ballroom were open and the sounds of the orchestra floated out. “Care to dance with the big bad wolf? Emphasis on big and bad.”

“I’d love to.” She stepped into his arms.

Resting her head on his shoulder, Red let herself be guided around the deck, dipped and spun. Not once did this dance partner step on her feet or bounce her off a piece of furniture. When love ballads played, their bodies pressed close together. Red could feel his hard muscles pressing up against her soft curves. When the music picked up tempo, Red shook her breasts and playfully flaunted herself. She watched his eyes as they followed every movement of her body.

Laughing, they fell together. Will’s lips were on hers. His hands roamed up her ass and kneaded her flesh through her skirt and panties. He turned so she was between him and the cruise ship’s railing. Slipping his hand under her skirt, up the back of her thigh, over the edge of her panties waistband, he slid his fingers down the curve of her ass.

With a soft moan, Red shifted her feet to allow his hand to investigate more intimate and sexually pleasing places. She reached inside her top and pulled her bra up over her breasts and rubbed her chest against his. Her nipples hardened with the heat of the friction.

“I want you,” he breathed into her ear.

“Take me”, was her breathless response.

You can buy any or all of Daryl’s books from the following vendors:

A Kept Woman – erotic contemporary romance
New Dawning International Bookfair
All Romance eBooks

Sexy Red Hood – erotic contemporary romance
New Dawning International Bookfair
All Romance eBooks

Black Dorn – erotic historical romance
New Dawning International Bookfair
All Romance eBooks

Thank you, Daryl, for answering my questions here today. I wish you much success in your writing career.


  1. Love the fun interview and witty answers! You did great, both you and Patricia. Your excerpt is piping hot and I can see why you’re such a great author. Keep it up, and best wishes on a long and successful writing career.

  2. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and commented. It’s wonderful to see all this support for a really talented author. Please come by again!

  3. Just had to come back and say that when I went to put your book on my TBR pile, I saw that I already purchased the book! Yay. Must shuffle TBR pile to get it on top! lol

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    You hooked me on the blurb. I must have. lol

    Great interview and post!

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  6. Great interview,ladies. I hibernate,too, Daryl.

  7. Thanks, Daryl, for being here. It is always a pleasure to work with you. 🙂 I look forward to visiting with you on Erotic Notions in the near future!

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  16. Hi Daryl, ladies, Love the interview and your quirky answers. Don’t feel bad. I have trouble with sex scenes and I suspect most of us do. Mine take twice as long to write as the story itself and even then I have to go over them several times to achieve the desired effect.

    Best, Dee

  17. Jenna, Thanks for stopping by and posting. The “writer” and “me” are like 2 different people. “Me” is super shy. “Writer” can create the worlds “me” would run and hide from.

  18. Thanks so much for having me here and the your wonderful words. You have been a strong shoulder for me to lean on a couple of times and I thanks you so much for that.

  19. Excellent interview, ladies! I wouldn’t have thought you were shy either, Daryl! It certainly doesn’t show in your work. Wishing you great success with all of your works. 🙂

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