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Book Review: Double Occupancy by Elaine Raco Chase
Reviewed by Patricia Green

Overall Rating: 4/5 Buy it, you’ll love it.

Heat Rating: 4/5 Hot but not super-graphic.

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Leggy star reporter Casey is burned out by her high-stress job and looking for a break. She has emotional issues that keep her off the dating market, so there isn’t much romance in her life–until she quits her job and goes to Mexico for a working sabbatical to write her Great American Novel. There, she meets Travis, who sweeps her off her feet in a strong, unassuming, non-arrogant way. It’s hard not to like Travis, who is sweet and sensitive, but also vital and virile.

Casey’s insecurities could wreck their burgeoning relationship; making a commitment is just too scary for her. To complicate matters even more, Travis is keeping a secret that could kill the whole deal.

Double Occupancy is a book with solid characters and lots of humor. Casey and Travis were realistic, with emotional hurdles to leap, but a path to get together. Their encounters are super-romantic, tender and yet sensual.

I recommend this book to people who aren’t looking for Tab A fits into Slot B type eroticism, but want something more romantic and emotionally effective. If you like romance, you’ll thoroughly enjoy Double Occupancy.

Why 4/5? I was looking for something more graphic, though romantic. It’s a hard mix to brew. Elaine has the romantic and sensual down to a T. I would definitely recommend it to readers of romance of any type.


  1. Good review for a good book! Love Elaine’s funny contemporary romances.

    Best wishes,
    Joan Reeves

  2. I love Elaine Raco Chase’s books. They’re sensual and sophisticated and funny. If you love one, you’ll love them all.

  3. Thanks for the fantastic review! Jenna – you can get a free copy of Double Occupancy on Thursday 5/10 at coupon code: TB84Z

  4. Excellent review, Patricia. Just enough plot without giving too much away and a good explanation of your rating. Can’t wait to read this book now. Well done.

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