Strong, Silent Type Released Everywhere!

Cover: Strong, Silent TypeIt’s a moment we’ve been waiting for…the release of Strong, Silent Type to Blushing Books, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Time to get your copy!

Here’s the blurb:

Feisty redhead Mae Weston lives in Fire Gorge, a small Nevada town situated next to a Paiute Indian reservation. She talks too much, reads x-rated magazines and has moments of foolish bravado, but basically, she’s a small town girl with good intentions. When robbers become would-be killers, Mae has to shoot or be shot, putting herself in the middle of a criminal investigation.

Drake Stillwater is a Paiute who’s moved away from life on the reservation. He worked his way through the ranks in the regional security office of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and then found his way to a job as Fire Gorge’s Police Chief. As Principle Investigator of the robbery and shooting at Mae’s convenience store, he has to work closely with her. She proves to be difficult, but a spanking calms her down.

It also riles her up, leading her to want another, and another. Drake doesn’t mind at all.

This is a M/F, contemporary, erotic spanking novella, set in a small town in Nevada.

For more information, including an excerpt and character profiles, you can go to the Strong, Silent Type page here on Patricia Green Books. You might recognize the names of some of the characters from the free prequel short story here on my site, called “A Mouse in His Pocket”. But give Strong, Silent Type a try first. It was the first I wrote with this setting and these characters.

I hope you enjoy this erotic spanking romance. These characters are some of my favorites. Please leave a review wherever you pick it up. I’d love to know how you liked it.